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Storage of carton production materials and finished products

warehouse keepers should master the performance, characteristics, expiration date, storage methods, precautions and requirements of all warehousing materials. Materials shall be carefully protected against moisture, mold, dust, rust, heat, fire, sun and deterioration, so as to prevent confusion of varieties and specifications and degradation of quality and performance. The warehousing materials must be registered in time according to category, name, specification, batch and quantity, and the account records of receipt, payment and storage must be made to ensure the consistency of account card and materials

storage of base paper

base paper is the main material for the production of corrugated boxes. Due to many links of transportation and loading and unloading, it is a kind of material that is easy to be damaged. If there is a little carelessness in the handling and loading process, it will cause great losses. Therefore, the following aspects should be paid attention to in the handling, handling, storage and storage of base paper:

1. During the handling and handling of web paper, it is necessary to prevent the outer layer of web paper from being damaged, resulting in the use of the machine, As a result, the scrap rate of base paper and single-sided corrugated board increases. When storing, it is best to put the drum vertically and load and unload it with a hoop forklift. Especially when holding a forklift truck, you can install a large iron plate on the fork head of an ordinary forklift truck. The front of the iron plate should be thin. When forking paper, you should stick to the ground and insert it slowly from the side of the drum. Therefore, it is best to roll the drum onto the freeboard, and you can't fork it from the end face, let alone fork it on the paper on the side or end face. When placing it, you should also lower the freeboard first, so that the web paper can roll down gently, and you can't throw it heavily, so as to prevent the web paper from falling off the truck and flattening

2. During the loading, unloading and handling of flat paper, use loading and unloading tools to unload the flat paper smoothly, and do not drop the splint from the car, so as to prevent folding, affect the use, and cause waste and defective products: it is required to be placed horizontally during stacking. When storing the white board paper used for color printing, pay attention to the storage conditions of the paper, and control the temperature and humidity of the warehouse environment. If the paper is stored under the condition of high humidity, it will absorb the surrounding moisture and curl up and deform, resulting in Ruffle edges; If the paper is stored in a dry environment, it will lead to the loss of water in the paper, making the paper brittle and fragile, resulting in tight edges. Therefore, the paper should be stored close to the use environment to keep the moisture content of the paper in balance with the production environment, so as to meet the requirements of the production process

3. Put the base paper in a dry place, and don't let the base paper get wet, let alone let the base paper get wet by rain. It should be stored in different areas according to different varieties and specifications, and signs should be hung at the same time

4. Carefully establish factory accounts for the name, specification, quantity, supplier, factory quantity, factory time, storage location and factory quality inspection of the incoming base paper

5. The floor of the warehouse where the base paper is stored shall be free of sand and stones, and the samples shall slip during the experiment. The floor shall be clean. Prevent hard objects such as sand and gravel, brick slag and iron chips from pressing into the base paper, resulting in damage to the base paper and equipment wear

6. use the base paper according to the manufacturer's sequence, that is, the first factory to use, and the second factory to use

7. base paper is inflammable, so fire prevention work should be done well

8. At the end of each month, the stock base paper should be checked, so as to know well, and try to reduce the backlog of inventory, so as not to occupy too much funds

storage of auxiliary materials

1. The storage place of starch should be kept clean, ventilated, dry, cool, and strictly protected from sunlight, rain, and kindling. It is not allowed to stack with toxic, corrosive and smelly items. The product packaging bags should be stacked on the base plate more than 100mln above the ground, and the surrounding of the stack should be more than 5 () 0mm away from the wall. There should be a convenient passage between the stacks

the starch packaging bag must be solid, the label must be clear and tidy, and the bag mouth must be well sealed, especially in the process of transportation. Handle with care during loading and unloading, and it is strictly forbidden to hook and tie the packaging bag directly

2. Caustic soda. Caustic soda can be divided into solid, sheet and liquid. At present, sheet caustic soda is widely used in the carton industry. Solid caustic soda and sheet caustic soda must be moisture-proof and moisture-proof when stored. Otherwise, solid alkali and flake alkali will absorb moisture in the humid environment with large shrinkage. In addition, caustic soda is highly corrosive. When it is accidentally splashed on eyes and skin, rinse it thoroughly with clean water immediately

3. Borax. The packed borax should be protected from rain or moisture. It should not be mixed and stacked with damp and other colored materials. It should be stored in a dry and clean warehouse

4. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidant. Although it will not burn itself, it will cause severe reaction and combustion when it comes into contact with inflammable and raw materials, and has strong irritation to human skin. When it comes into contact with heat or is exposed to sunlight, it will decompose or even explode. In case of alkaline substances, it will release oxygen quickly under any humidity. It must be sealed during storage and transportation. It should be stored in a cool, dark and ventilated place to prevent decomposition in the light. It should be handled with care during transportation. Long storage will reduce its composition, so it should not be stored for too long. A small amount of acetanilide can be added, and acetanilide can be used as stabilizer

5. The flat wire used for the nail box should not be stored with corrosive and oxidizing substances, and should be placed in a dry place to avoid moisture, dust and rust

6. Flexographic plates - · be sure to keep away from light and prevent 11: exposure to mouth light and UV light, otherwise after exposure to door light and UV light, it will seriously polymerize the photosensitive materials of the flexographic plate, resulting in the scrapping of the plate, and the light will cause the convex and concave depth of patterns, words and lines; Enough. In addition, do not put it where there is ozone, electric arc and organic chemical solvents, so as to avoid the resin version from denaturation due to reaction

7. When storing the double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, it should not be in contact with Shantou, organic solvents and other substances, and should be placed in a dry warehouse one meter away from the heat source

8. the solvent moisture-proof agent should be sealed to prevent volatilization. Pay attention to fire prevention. It should be stored in a cool and dry place. It should be stirred evenly when used. Water soluble and moisture-proof agents should be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place to prevent evaporation. In winter, they should be stored in an environment above 10 ℃ to prevent flocculation. Mix well before use. The shelf life is generally about 6 months

9. polypropylene strapping ropes should be stacked in a dry, clean and cool warehouse, not close to fire and heat sources, and keep the package intact. The storage period should not exceed one year from the date of delivery

10. plastic based pressure-sensitive adhesive tape (water-free adhesive tape) is stored in a cool and dry warehouse. There should be a base plate on the ground and a certain distance from the wall to prevent direct sunlight, and away from steam pipes, radiators or other heat sources and corrosive substances

11. Storage of equipment parts. The quantity, specification, model and purchase time of purchased mechanical equipment and parts shall be recorded in detail. Store according to the specification, model, manufacturer, purchase time and number of purchasers, and do a good job in rust prevention, dust prevention, classification, positioning, identification, receiving, distribution, recording and other storage of spare parts. (to be continued)

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