Safe use of the hottest grass processing machinery

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Safe use of grass processing machinery

1. Silage chopper

(the chemical properties of soybeans are also favored in chemical modification. 1) usage: users can choose different materials according to the length of the required materials to adjust the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife. When working, the moving knife passes through the gap between the fixed knife, and the cutting speed is fast, which is the key to the high productivity of the machine. When cutting coarse straw such as silage corn, the gap is 1 ~ 2 cm, and when cutting fine straw (such as cereal grass), the gap is 0.2 ~ 0.6 cm. After connecting the power supply, idle for a few minutes, and pay attention to whether the running direction is correct. After everything is normal, it can work normally. The production capacity is planned to be nearly 400000 tons

(2) precautions: the working site should be spacious; The switch should not be too far away from the machine; Workers should not touch the operating parts, nor open the casing and remove the safety cover casually; Pull the clutch and control lever inward to feed, push outward to reverse and return. If any blockage or foreign matter is found, push the control lever outward immediately, exit the material, and close the electric switch before troubleshooting; Workers should always pay attention to picking out hard sundries such as stones, bricks and ironware in the materials to avoid damaging the machine

2. Forage and straw kneading machine

this machine can knead corn straw, bean straw and other straw into soft bulk feed, which is generally filiform. It is expected that the proportion of high nickel 3-yuan materials will gradually increase in the future, and all forage can be basically eaten by cattle and sheep

(1) usage: when working, first idle the machine for 2 ~ 3 minutes. If there is no card touching foreign matters and making abnormal sound, it can be put into normal production and work. The operator should stand on both sides of the feed inlet and do not extend his arm into the feed inlet; The feeding shall be uniform, and it is easy to get stuck and blocked with more feeding. Do not use fillers such as wooden rods and iron rods to prevent damage to the machine parts

(2) precautions: after the machine breaks down, the power or power supply should be cut off immediately, and then find the reason why the original operation is simple and affordable, and identify the fault. If the rotating teeth of the machine are jammed due to uneven feeding, the belt should be reversed and the jammed grass should be gradually removed by hand. Remember! Do not connect the power before the grass is cleared; In order to ensure the safety of the operator, the protection should be installed between the transmission teeth and the belt of the machine. The power line should be checked before each shift to prevent damage to the staff due to damage and leakage

after the machine works for about 30 hours, grease should be injected into each transmission bearing once; After 300 hours of operation, remove the bearing, clean it, and add new lubricating oil. Tighten the screws and nuts of each transmission part; Check the wear condition of the belt. If the wear is heavy, replace it in time to prevent breakage and injury. (end)

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