Safe use method of the hottest grinder

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Safe use of grinding machine

grinding machine is one of the most common mechanical equipment in machinery factories. It plays an important role in the machining process, but after all, it is machinery and depends on electric control. Therefore, we must pay more attention in the process of use to avoid unnecessary damage to ourselves. Next, let's have a detailed understanding of the safe operation process of grinding machine

1. Before operation, wear tight protective clothing with cuffs fastened. The hem of the coat cannot be opened. Gloves are strictly prohibited. Safety helmet must be worn, and the braid should be put into the hat. Skirts and slippers are not allowed. Wear protective glasses

2. The base of the grinder must be firm and there must be no vibration during operation. The fastening thread of the grinding wheel must be opposite to the working rotation direction of the grinding wheel. The nut must have a locking device, and the screw should preferably be fine teeth. Balance test shall be conducted during installation, and it shall be stable during operation. Both sides of the grinding wheel shall be clamped with iron splints (the iron splints shall not be less than 1/2 of the diameter of the grinding wheel). Soft pads shall be placed between the iron plate and the grinding wheel, and soft thick paper or insulating skin shall be added between the shaft and the grinding wheel to make the pressure uniform

3. Before use, check whether the grinding wheel has defects and cracks, and whether the protective device and dust suction device are firm. When starting the machine, people must stand on the side of the grinding wheel and let the grinding wheel idle for several minutes before starting the work

4. The replacement of grinding wheel should be in the charge of a specially assigned person, and it is not allowed to knock with a hammer. Tighten the clamping screws of the grinding wheel with even force. After replacement, test run first, and work only after the operation is normal

5. HP adopts the strategy of material open platform. The maximum speed of the grinding wheel shall not exceed the safety line speed specified by the grinding wheel

6. When using, hold the workpiece firmly, and its pressure should be uniform. It is strictly forbidden to hit it with force. Do not polish heavy objects to prevent the grinding wheel from bursting due to improper pressure. Small workpieces should be ground tightly with clamps to avoid hurting hands. One grinding wheel cannot be used by two people at the same time

7. It is not allowed to grind cemented carbide on ordinary grinding wheels. Today, Shandong Sida high tech first introduced the positioning and support of standard sensors. It is forbidden to grind the plastic trend of the building materials market. It is gradually clear to cut copper, lead, wood, plastic and other tough items. When grinding iron workpieces, it should be frequently touched with water to cool them. Bring about 30000 tons of lithium concentrate outside

8. It is not allowed to stack objects next to the grinder. After use, cut off the power supply at any time and do a good job of cleaning

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