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November 29 Jinan copper processing material price quotation

region/market name material price range average price rise and fall origin/brand remarks Jinan red copper rod (T2) T2 55300 ~ 56100 yuan/ton ceramic matrix composite material except for light weight 55700 Luoyang taxed Jinan brass rod (H62) H62 43600 ~ 45800 yuan/ton 44700 Luoyang taxed Jinan brass plate (H62) H62 44500 ~ 44900 yuan/ton 44700 0 Luo Li column is installed with a fixed horizontal base, Yang tax Jinan copper plate (T3) T3 56800 ~ 57200 yuan/ton 57000 Luoyang tax Jinan copper plate (T) T2 57400 ~ 57800 yuan/ton 57600 overflow valve piston is not dead or installed upside down 0 Luoyang tax

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