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A variety of pigment pastes of Toyo ink will appear at the China paint exhibition

Tokyo, Japan news, Toyo ink announced in advance that it will bring its world's top pigment products to attend the China International Paint Exhibition - CHINACOAT2008, held in Guangzhou, China from 26 to 28 this month

it is reported that this is also the second time that Toyo ink group has participated in the chinacoat Coating Exhibition. At the paint exhibition in Shanghai, China in 2007, Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with the theme of providing high-performance pigments and pastes for the paint field, which won unanimous praise from visitors

according to the group's vision and objectives, Toyo ink is extending its products and services from Japan to the entire Asian region, and has made fruitful market expansion actions, obtaining better market returns. In 2007, as the Centenary Celebration of the group, the group successfully entered the new product service field of automobile hub. In this exhibition, Toyo ink will bring a variety of newly developed new products, and strive to build a successful business platform in the field of Chinese coatings

at this year's China International Paint exhibition, Toyo ink group will adhere to its global development concept of creating visible value, focus on showing the strong production and processing capacity of the enterprise, and through a variety of periods of happiness, warmth and loneliness, it can be described as cold and warm. I know that high-performance environmental protection products will bring innovation power to China and the global paint industry. Toyo ink booth No. 10J will bring products such as high-performance transparent pastes, series colors and high-performance pigment powders during the exhibition. As a leading pigment supplier in the world, the pigment products of Toyo ink are widely used in automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances and other traditional incremental technologies. Titanium and nickel based superalloys are no exception. It is worth mentioning that the group has offices or branches in many Asian countries and has established a sales service network covering Asia

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