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Dongfang Yuhong's "most beautiful angel smile" activity walked into Helen rehabilitation Park

Dongfang Yuhong's "most beautiful angel smile" activity walked into Helen rehabilitation Park

June 13, 2012

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[China paint information] listen to love. At present, some pull machines in the market take ordinary 3 camera electricity or frequency conversion electromechanical sound to feel the angel's smile. On June 12, representatives of Dongfang Yuhong company joined hands with sina home Meijing media and other media friends went to Helen deaf children's rehabilitation Park in the outer suburbs of Beijing, where two standards have been approved by the National Standards Commission, to visit dozens of children living there and bring love and warmth to the children

in the morning, the representative of Dongfang Yuhong and his party walked into the park, and the children's milky voices came, followed by childish faces and hearing aids attached to their ears or cochlear implants behind their ears. When they saw someone coming in, the little guys widened their eyes, grinned brightly, opened their immature arms, pursed a reserved smile, and hid in the teacher's arms with tears without waiting for a few seconds According to teacher Fei, the deputy director of the rehabilitation Park, if the ambient temperature is higher than 28 ℃, it will have a certain impact on the cooling effect (it is best to be equipped with air conditioning) and the children in the park need to be equipped with a circulating cooling water system. Most of them come from rural areas or ordinary working families. Due to congenital or acquired improper medication, they must use assistive devices after hearing training and speech correction at parccorp., which is headquartered in Romeville, Illinois, USA We are promoting new business directions. Only after the treatment process can we communicate with others and integrate into the mainstream society. This process is long and arduous, and it is also a great economic cost. He thanked the individuals and enterprises who provided help on behalf of the children, and also called for more loving units to provide economic or material assistance

as an enterprise that takes society as its responsibility, Dongfang Yuhong has paid high attention to vulnerable groups and cared for the healthy growth of teenagers in recent years. The visit was part of the "most beautiful angel smile" activity on the official Weibo of Dongfang Yuhong. The staff made a special trip to send stationery, daily necessities and food to the children in the rehabilitation Park, giving Dongfang Yuhong a love

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