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Dongfang Seiko seizes the high-end corrugated box printing equipment market

according to the statistical data of China packaging and logistics Union, the corrugated box printing complete equipment market in China reached 4.688 billion yuan in 2012; The medium and high-end corrugated box printing equipment will reach 1.57 billion yuan, accounting for about 33.50% of the corrugated box printing equipment market. In the developed markets in Europe and the United States, the proportion of the medium and high-end corrugated box printing equipment to the total demand has exceeded 80% through the movement of the beam of the experimental machine. That is to say, there is still much room for the market growth of the medium and high-end corrugated box printing equipment in China

in August 2012, CCTV financial channel reported that in 2012, China's corrugated board production lines had reached 6500, of which only 30% were high-speed production lines with a speed of more than 100 meters/minute. According to the corrugated box industry experience of developed countries in Europe and the United States, corrugated board production lines at this speed generally need to be equipped with sets of corrugated box printing equipment, that is to say, in 2012, the number of corrugated box printing equipment in China has reached at least 10000 sets, and according to the average service life of 8 years, the annual replacement demand will reach at least 1250 sets. Even though at present, the complete set of high-end corrugated box printing equipment in the domestic market only accounts for 1/3, it has reached the market scale of about 410 sets per year

from the current development trend of the domestic corrugated box packaging market, customers have higher and higher requirements for the packaging pattern and the quality of printed matter. They hope that the outer packaging of products has high consistency, and should fully reflect the color of the brand itself. Therefore, multi-color high-end corrugated box printing equipment has gradually become a sharp weapon in the competition of carton packaging enterprises, and its market demand is growing. According to the above statistics, the domestic medium and high-end corrugated box printing sets can instantly display the market size of the stress-strain curve table at 410 per year or even during the test. Even if the multi-color high-end corrugated box printing sets account for only% of the medium and high-end corrugated box printing sets, it is estimated that the annual market is about sets, that is, the market size reaches 100 million yuan. At the same time, based on the national environmental protection requirements for food and beverage cartons and the cost pressure of carton packaging enterprises, more and more offset printing cartons are gradually changed to water-based printing cartons, and some offset printing enterprises are also gradually developing to flexible printing. Therefore, it can be predicted that the market prospect of multi-color high-end corrugated box printing equipment is very attractive

at present, domestic manufacturers that produce multicolor high-end corrugated box printing complete sets of equipment lack corresponding technical strength in other industries except Dongfang Seiko. In 2012, Dongfang Seiko selected a batch of new materials that are urgently needed for industrial development, have great market potential and have a good level of development. In August, it successfully developed the world's first printing unit double servo motor driven eight color printing die-cutting equipment topra pd-s. its performance and characteristics have left its competitors far behind. It is understood that after completing product research and development, topra pd-s has received orders from many important domestic customers, which can be described as a blockbuster. According to a person from the internal alignment standard line Department of Dongfang Seiko, topra pd-s eight color printing and die cutting equipment will become another major product of Dongfang Seiko, with an estimated new sales of more than 50million yuan, becoming a new growth point of operating revenue, profit and tax revenue of Dongfang Seiko. Dongfang Seiko, the future sales performance is worth looking forward to

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