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Oriental Yuhong's three categories of products obtained the "China green product certification"

Oriental Yuhong (and eliminate white pollution) three categories of products obtained the "China green product certification"

August 31, 2020

August 30, The three categories of products of Oriental Yuhong were awarded the "certificate of China green products for pot experiment of rice in polluted soil with cadmium content exceeding 10 times" issued by China building materials inspection and Certification Group (hereinafter referred to as "China National Inspection and Certification Group"). One thing to note

"China green product certification" is an honorary certificate issued to enterprises by certification institutions on behalf of the state. Oriental Yuhong asphalt based waterproof coiled material (with tire modification), water-based waterproof coating, and polymer waterproof coiled material (plastic) have obtained the approved coating

as the leader of China green product certification building materials group and a member of the national green product standardization overall group, CIIC has led the preparation of five national standards for green product evaluation and seven implementation rules for green product certification in the field of building materials. As a building materials system service provider, Oriental Yuhong responded to the call and participated in the formulation of gb/t "green product evaluation waterproof and sealing materials" standard in 2017, jointly exploring and promoting the implementation of green product certification

this certification is a full affirmation of the green development concept and achievements of Oriental Yuhong. Previously, the production and R & D logistics bases of Dongfang Yuhong Tangshan, Jinzhou and Huizhou have also been selected into the green manufacturing demonstration list of the Ministry of industry and information technology

for a long time, Oriental Yuhong has adhered to quality-oriented and environmental protection first. Its product production and use revolve around the concept of "green design, green production, green construction and green building", actively build energy-saving and environment-friendly enterprises, and carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign high-quality suppliers to jointly promote the R & D and production of foam granulator performance and green environmental protection products with high requirements

in the future, Oriental Yuhong will firmly follow the path of "greening", uphold the original mission of "creating a lasting and safe environment for mankind and society", and lead the sustainable development of the industry

according to the definition in relevant national standards, Chinese green products refer to products that meet the requirements of environmental protection, are harmless or harmful to the ecological environment and human health, consume less resources and energy, and have high quality in the whole life cycle. The selection of evaluation indicators follows the principles of high consumer attention, urgent consumption upgrading, great impact on the ecological environment, integration of product green and quality, and dual green products and enterprises in the product life cycle

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