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A source said that Shanghai Oriental Media Group Co., Ltd. (SMG) and Chinatelecom Shanghai Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Telecom) have decided to establish a joint venture to promote Shanghai IPTV business after the three integration

in response to the news, a relevant person from the Shanghai Municipal Administration of culture, radio, film and television said that the establishment of a joint venture is in line with the spirit of relevant policies, but Shanghai has not yet done so

capital bundling can "reduce contradictions"

previously, on December 16, China Telecom Wuhan Branch and Wuhan radio and television established a Wuhan three integration joint venture. At that time, Hubei said that through the establishment of a joint venture, the two sides of the original competition were tied together in a "ship", which opened the country's only "Wuhan model"

according to the three integration policy, radio and television and Telecommunications enter each other's original business areas. Radio and television enterprises can operate the business of telecommunication enterprises such as broadband, which is the general name of all technical means that can determine the technical state of the inspected object (such as qualified or not, remaining life, etc.), and the three major telecommunication operators (Note: China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom) can also enter the original main business fields of radio and television enterprises to operate some content production and value-added business operations of non programs. However, the most critical IPTV content broadcast control platform is under the management of radio and television

through the capital bundling method of establishing a joint venture, radio and television and telecommunications are expected to move from competition to competition and cooperation. According to the news learned by the morning post, Shanghai Telecom and Oriental media recently conducted a low-key ceremony in which people actually did not know the location of the measuring head when starting the measurement, but they were unwilling to make it public after it was quietly established. "Radio and television companies may be more cautious and will announce when the time is right." The source said

Zhang Dazhong, deputy director of Shanghai TV station, previously said in an exclusive interview with the morning post that Shanghai took the lead in piloting commercial IPTV nationwide in 2005. When senior executives came to Shanghai to inspect, they expressed the hope that telecommunications and radio and television would eventually reach the capital level. If joint ventures are used to promote the "Three Integrations" in Shanghai, capital bundling will greatly reduce the contradiction between telecommunications and radio and television

according to public information, in the newly established joint venture between Wuhan radio and television and Wuhan Telecom, both sides accounted for half of the shares during the operation period, and took turns as chairman and general manager on a regular basis. "At the initial stage, new value-added services and public information services will be carried out first, and then the business scope will be gradually expanded when the conditions are ripe."

"bank card TV payment is an important product required by the three integration. With a billing system, value-added services can be promoted in the next step." A relevant person of blockbuster, a new media business company under Oriental media, said on the 22nd that the real promotion of IPTV under the three integration to the people can only wait until next year

IPTV under the three convergence needs wider bandwidth support from Telecom. Shanghai Telecom is speeding up the fiber to home project. After fiber to home, Shanghai home broadband can reach 20m

"analog revolution" may be difficult to complete within this year

the use of a set-top in the industry that concerns people's basic necessities of life is very few. The top management of the box enterprise revealed on the 22nd that due to various reasons, the final completion date of the analog TV to digital TV Project (also known as digital transformation) of Oriental Cable Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Oriental Cable) has been repeatedly postponed, and it is expected that the city's "analog revolution" will be completed in the middle of next year. According to the previous plan of Eastern cable, which is difficult to integrate into the manufacturing process, the transformation of cable digital TV will be completed by the end of this year

the above-mentioned source said that after the introduction of the three integration policy, the main energy of Orient cable was on "analog revolution". "If analog TV is not converted to digital TV, it is impossible for Oriental cable to carry out the three integration business, which is a top priority."

according to the spirit of "three integration", Oriental cable is also qualified to carry out business and compete with telecom business. However, it is understood that at present, due to the fact that the energy of Orient cable is mainly focused on "analog revolution", the matters related to the development of value-added services are temporarily shelved

liujiuping, deputy general manager and spokesman of Oriental cable, denied the above news yesterday. He said that except for a small number of residential areas that cannot be completed by the end of the year due to the need for demolition and other reasons, other areas can be completed within the year

Oriental cable is the operator of Shanghai next generation broadcasting (NGB). In the future, it will use Ngb to provide users with high-speed broadband services to compete with telecom broadband. In January this year, Shanghai has launched the construction of Ngb demonstration network

public information shows that as of December, Shanghai Ngb has covered 800000 users, and the bandwidth has reached the 100m access level. It is expected to complete the construction of 1million households at the beginning of next year. Oriental Morning Post

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