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The great leap forward of lithium battery diaphragm industry

in recent years, the introduction of lithium battery related policies has promoted the establishment of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, and the bright market prospect has attracted all kinds of industrial capital. However, under the influence of low-end homogeneous competition and hidden dangers of technical safety, the industry is facing the dilemma of large-scale application

in view of this situation, at the 2012 Beijing power lithium ion battery technology and Industry Development International Forum held a few days ago, Professor Wu Feng, director of the national high tech green materials development center and vice president of the China Battery Industry Association, believed that the extensive expansion path of the lithium battery industry has weakened the technological innovation of key materials. If China wants to occupy a place in the fierce international game, it must work hard on source innovation, Accelerate the design and layout of key materials

field research found that the diaphragm industry, as a key component of lithium batteries and the most valuable investment, is showing a great leap forward trend, but the quality positioning is still concentrated in the middle and low end, and the field of high-quality diaphragms that meet market demand is still a blue ocean

low end invalid supply surplus

the main constituent materials of lithium batteries include cathode, negative stage, electrolyte and diaphragm. Diaphragm is the most critical inner component and core material of lithium battery

because the capacity, circulating capacity, charge and discharge current density and other key performances of lithium batteries are directly related to the diaphragm, coupled with the high technical barriers to the production of the diaphragm, the potential investment value makes the diaphragm industry compete for many domestic manufacturers

Feng Zhiqiang, general manager of Hebei Jinli new energy company, believes that in addition to technical barriers and application value, the high gross profit margin of the diaphragm is the most realistic factor to attract enterprises to enter this field. The cost of diaphragm accounts for about 30% of the total cost of lithium battery, but the gross profit rate can reach more than 60%, which is the highest among the four lithium battery materials. The huge business opportunities have made the domestic lithium battery diaphragm industry rise rapidly, and a large number of diaphragm production enterprises have emerged in a short time. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 50 domestic enterprises are currently under construction and plan to invest in lithium battery diaphragm projects, with an estimated new capacity of more than 600million square meters. From the perspective of the industry as a whole, of the nearly 50 enterprises involved in the lithium battery diaphragm business, less than 20 have built production lines, and more than half of the remaining enterprises are mostly in the stage of how to conduct permanent deformation test for leaf springs of agricultural machinery under construction and proposed. Among them, the listed companies that launched the diaphragm project include big southeast, Cangzhou pearl, Buddha plastic technology, Yuntianhua, jiujiujiu, Shenzhen Huicheng, Nanyang Technology, and duofudo. Among the eight listed companies, Cangzhou Mingzhu has built a 3million square meter dry process single pull lithium battery diaphragm experimental production line by the end of 2011, and began to supply bulk to Suzhou Xingheng and other downstream lithium battery enterprises; The diaphragm production line of wet lithium-ion battery with an annual output of 15million square meters of Chongqing newmeter technology, a subsidiary of Yuntianhua, was put into operation in October 2011; Jinhui high tech, a subsidiary of fosu technology, is one of the first enterprises to realize the industrialization of wet process in China. At present, it has achieved an annual production capacity of 25million square meters. It is worth noting that many domestic enterprises have entered the diaphragm field to develop the lithium battery industry at the same time, which has brought two major problems. On the one hand, the total planned production capacity has far exceeded the actual shipments, on the other hand, the proportion of these actual shipments that can be accepted by the market is less than 30%

"if there is no reliable technology source and continuous R & D capacity, relying on the repeated construction and price competition of the middle and low end alone is bound to affect the healthy development of the diaphragm industry." A relevant person from mengguli Power Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CITIC Guoan, said. Zheng Qing, an analyst at Orient Securities, pointed out in the research report that the shipment volume of diaphragm manufacturing enterprises with actual output capacity in China in 2011 was only 31million square meters, far lower than the existing domestic production capacity. The reason is that, in addition to the possible differences between the planned capacity and the actual construction capacity, the differences between the enterprise's design capacity of thermal power in the north and hydropower in the south are particularly obvious, and the ineffective supply caused by the structural disconnection between the structure and market demand is worthy of vigilance

in this regard, Feng Zhiqiang believes that the capacity of domestic diaphragm manufacturers does not exceed but cannot meet the market demand. Many diaphragm enterprises have low technical content and are simply unable to enter the high-end market and the supply system of the world's mainstream battery manufacturers. Under the condition that the increase of production capacity but the quality cannot meet the demand of the medium and high-end market, the low-cost homogeneous competition will inevitably lead to a major reshuffle in the industry. The emergence of a large number of enterprises in the field of lithium battery diaphragm in a short time has brought more concerns than joy

Wu Dayong, deputy general manager of Beijing Shouke Spray Technology Development Co., Ltd. and researcher of the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the lithium battery diaphragm project is not simply a membrane stretching, but an industry with high technical content, which puts forward high requirements for the progressiveness of technology, equipment, management level, production process control, cost control, skilled workers, etc. "In the large-scale production process of diaphragm, the technical difficulties not only lie in the uniform hole making, the control of thickness uniformity, the consistency of material strain and other links, but also need to further improve the heat resistance and the hydrophilicity to electrolyte of diaphragm 04 special adjustment working film." Wu Dayong believes

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