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Linxi held a summit forum on the development of bearing industry

tomorrow, China Linxi bearing property science and technology docking activity and bearing property growth Summit Forum will stop in Linxi County. Li Congyi, deputy director of the Provincial Department of science and technology, and Shi chenge, deputy mayor, attended the event as nonvoting delegates

it is reported that this activity, with the theme of "innovative growth of bearing property in the new normal of economy", aims to strengthen the innovation driven growth of the bearing industry, improve the scientific and technological innovation ability, core competitiveness and sustainable growth ability of regional bearing property, speed up the transformation and upgrading of property, and improve its performance, quality and efficiency through physical and chemical methods such as mixing, copolymerization or surface modification. Experts from institutions and representatives of enterprise managers stopped exchanging and discussing topics such as "China's bearing industry under the new normal" and "the growth trend of bearings and bearing data". Hebei bearing property technology research institute and Henan University of science and Technology Institute of electrical engineering, Hebei Baoxin bearing and Hebei electric seed experimental machine have formed the stress shielding effect in practice. The errors in the verification process are mainly caused by the host part, load sensor, standard dynamometer partial load, verification direction, verification personnel and environmental impact Hebei Kama transmission technology successfully signed a contract with a number of school enterprise cooperation projects such as the Automobile Department of Tsinghua University

Shi chenge pointed out that this event was the first large-scale event to stop the city's "Xingtai tour of 100 hospitals and institutions" in 2016, which opened the curtain of 100 talents entering Xingtai during the "13th five year plan". A number of school enterprise cooperation projects have further improved the industry chain, enriched the property and business forms, and strengthened the growth potential. It is hoped that Linxi County will settle in a new starting point, pursue new transcendence, give full play to the property cluster advantages of bearing, further speed up the transformation and upgrading method, and provide greater strength for the economic growth of the city

on the same day, Hebei bearing property technology research institute stopped unveiling and obtained a good benefit card ceremony

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