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Major breakthroughs have been made in China's automotive lithium battery technology

with the support of the National 863 plan of the 12th Five Year Plan, the project of "high-energy lithium ion battery system and battery pack technology development" has made significant progress. Yesterday, according to the station of the Ministry of science and technology, the energy density of the single battery developed by the project reached 138.6 watt hours/kg, the power density reached 915.6 watt hours/kg, and the capacity retention rate after 1200 cycles was 94.1%. The results have been applied to the mass-produced 50 ampere hour energy power battery

among them, the energy density of 38.4 V/50 ah battery module for electric vehicles reaches 121 watt hours/kg, and the power density reaches 800 Watt/kg; The 345.6 V/50 ah battery system has been applied to Chery small pure electric cars and AoXin pure electric sanitation vehicles

according to the station of the Ministry of science and technology, the project has also made important progress in the localization of production and manufacturing equipment. It has developed a fully automatic and closed automatic feeding system if there is an abnormal prompt or acquiescence, and a battery forming fixture that can automatically clamp the battery, which greatly improves the low-frequency fatigue control of the battery, and the battery matching rate is greater than 95%, It has taken an important step in meeting the high requirements of automotive applications

in fact, with the rapid development of lithium battery technology, it will drive the rapid development of lithium battery industry. According to the prediction of frost Sullivan, a world-renowned consulting company, the future prospect of lithium batteries is very promising. By 2015, China's power lithium battery capacity will reach 3.9 billion ampere hours, and by that time, China's demand for electric vehicles will be about 120000. Biodegradable packages are convenient for buyers and sellers. The cost of new materials is high. Facing the promotion problems, lithium batteries need to consume about 900million ampere hours. The lithium battery industry has entered a 100 billion era

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