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On August 30, the list of top 50 Chinese coal enterprises in 2017 was announced. Eight companies in our province were shortlisted, among which Datong coal, a listed company, ranked fifth with an operating revenue of 170.142 billion yuan in 2016

at present, Datong coal industry, as a listed company, has disclosed its 2017 semi annual report, and the 2017 semi annual reports of six other listed companies in our province, mainly in the coal mining and beneficiation industry, have been disclosed. It is understood that the listed companies mainly engaged in coal mining and beneficiation in our province include Datong coal industry, Lu'an Huanneng, Lanhua science and technology innovation, Xishan coal power, Yangquan coal industry, Shanmei international and Yongtai energy

it is said that the stock market is a barometer of the economy. Can we see the development status and prospects of the coal industry in these semi annual reports that have been disclosed? Therefore, the 2017 semi annual reports of these seven listed companies were analyzed

the semi annual report showed a significant improvement in collective profits

since 2012, the coal industry has bid farewell to the 10-year "golden period" and entered the "late autumn", especially in 2015, the coal industry has completely entered the "cold winter". In 2016, the price of coal experienced three stages of "recovery, crazy growth and cooling"

now, it is more than half of 2017. How is the development of Shanxi's coal industry in this half year

based on the analysis of the semi annual reports of seven listed coal based companies in Shanxi, it is found that all companies made profits in the first half of 2017, and the profits increased to varying degrees: Datong coal industry realized a net profit of 599.7642 million yuan, and the weighted average return on net assets was 11.33%; Lu'an Huanneng achieved a net profit of 114.25219 million yuan, with a weighted average return on net assets of 5.97%; Orchid branch should first short-circuit the positive and negative poles of electrolytic capacitors, achieving a net profit of 51.7062 million yuan and a weighted average return on net assets of 5.74%; Xishan coal power achieved a net profit of 917.3725 million yuan, with a weighted average return on net assets of 5.39%; Yangquan coal industry achieved a net profit of 852.745 million yuan, with a weighted average return on net assets of 5.24%; Shanmei international achieved a net profit of 123.9754 million yuan, with a weighted average return on net assets of 2.46%; Yongtai energy achieved a net profit of 235.2588 million yuan, with a weighted average return on net assets of 1.07%

from the semi annual report, we can see that all companies have a good performance, which shows that the coal industry market is rising again

weighted average return on assets is an average index used to describe the company's ability to create profits by using unit net assets. From this perspective, Datong coal industry has the strongest profitability and Yongtai energy is the weakest among the seven listed companies mainly in the coal mining and dressing industry in our province

adjust the structure to get rid of the "haze" of the depressed coal price.

in the 2017 semi annual report, each company analyzed the operation of its industry

both Datong Coal Industry and Shanshan coal group analyzed in the semi annual report that in the first half of 2017, affected by factors such as the national supply side structural reform and the coal industry capacity reduction policy, the supply and demand relationship in the coal market tended to be stable, the coal price returned rationally, and the business environment of enterprises was improved

benefiting from the national coal production reduction "but some critics believe that a series of policies can reduce production. Lu'an Huanneng and Xishan Coal and power both believe that the long-term use temperature range (1) is 27 ℃ to 121 ℃. Since 2017, the coal economy has maintained an overall stable trend, the coal price is stable and declining, but within a reasonable range, the overall industrial efficiency has improved, and the business environment of enterprises has continued to improve

in the first half of 2017, the operating revenue of Lanhua Kechuang increased by 126.98% year-on-year, and the net profit, earnings per share and other indicators attributable to the shareholders of the listed company turned loss into profit year-on-year. The main reason is that during the reporting period, the market price of the company's leading products coal and urea increased significantly year-on-year, and the production and sales of coal increased year-on-year

Yangquan coal industry believes that in the first half of 2017, the national coal economy maintained an overall stable trend, supply and consumption increased slightly, and the market supply and demand were basically balanced

in view of the current good situation in the coal market, Yongtai energy reasonably arranged the production plan based on safety and profit. In the first half of 2017, the coal business revenue was 4661.05 million yuan, and the gross profit margin was 44.56%

through analysis, it is found that as a key area of supply side reform, the coal industry has come out of the trough after more than two years of adjustment. Adjust the structure to reduce production capacity, effectively compress supply, and maintain environmental protection and high pressure, so that the depressed coal price can get out of the haze

the coal market is still oversupplied, and it is expected to continue to improve in the medium and long term.

for the risks that may be faced in the future, all companies have analyzed and put forward countermeasures, which can be used for reference by similar companies in our province

Datong coal industry believes that in the short term, thanks to the effective implementation of the production restriction policy in the coal industry, the coal price has temporarily warmed up. However, from the perspective of the overall economic situation and supply and demand, the market situation is still not optimistic, and the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries and the transformation and development of enterprises have a long way to go

at present, the energy revolution is accelerating, resource and environmental constraints are continuously strengthened, the pace of clean energy substitution is accelerating, and the total coal consumption and demand intensity are "both reduced". Lu'an Huanneng believes that the situation of excess coal production capacity and oversupply in the coal market has not fundamentally changed

affected by macroeconomic, downstream demand, policy changes and other factors, if the market price changes adversely, it will exert great pressure on the operation of the company. Lanhua Kechuang will further strengthen cost control management, promote coal mining enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, promote fertilizer and chemical enterprises to turn losses and increase profits, transform and develop, and enhance their ability to resist market risks

affected by the slowdown in economic growth, the rapid development of alternative energy, excess coal production capacity, and the weak support for the demand of coal downstream industries, Xishan coal power believes in the 2017 semi annual report that there are still downward risks in coal sales and prices. Therefore, the company will do a good job in increasing production and income, reducing costs and saving expenses; Consolidate market share by adjusting business strategy and sales strategy and troubleshooting problems; Strengthen the matching of washing, transportation and marketing to reduce transportation costs

coal is the basic energy industry for the development of the national economy. Cyclical fluctuations in the national economy may lead to changes in the supply and demand of the coal market, thereby affecting the company's operating performance. Yang Coal Group will strengthen the prediction of the macroeconomic situation and changes in the coal market, timely adjust the product structure, optimize the market layout, and reduce market risks

Shanmei international will timely adjust the structure of coal products according to market changes, further cultivate high-quality customers, innovate marketing models, improve marketing networks, increase marketing channels and means, give full play to the advantages of cooperation through the overall layout, speed up the construction and creation of a "coal full supply chain system" with Shanmei characteristics, and strive to cultivate unique core competitiveness on the basis of continuing to expand the supply base, Minimize the risks caused by market changes to the company's operations

with the country's increasing efforts in environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction year by year, and the increasing improvement of environmental protection standards, Yongtai energy may need to increase investment in environmental protection in the future

from the analysis of the semi annual report, we can see that although the current coal market has a good situation, the fundamentals of overcapacity in China's coal industry have not changed, and the contradiction between overcapacity and coal prices is also being quickly reconciled

Guangfa Securities analysts believe that in the future, the supply and demand of coal will still be balanced, and the coal price is expected to be at a medium high level. Coupled with the repair of the balance sheet and the decline in capital expenditure, the industry is expected to continue to improve in the medium and long term

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