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"Red literary light cavalry" entered the countryside to warm the hearts of the people

release date: Source: Sanmenxia

on October 31, the literary and art team of the "red literary light cavalry" and "entering the grass-roots level and warming the hearts of the people" activities in Shaanxi District successively entered Dongling village, Xiashi Township and Dongzhuang village, wangjiahou Township, providing the masses with a delicate cultural meal to benefit the people based on the spring force of reading the journey on the pressure gauge, and also sending warmth and joy to the masses, Spend a happy time with the villagers

during the activity, "red literary light cavalry" brought us carefully arranged literary and artistic programs with rich and colorful contents, including dance, solo, instrumental performance and other artistic forms. They sent their blessings to the hearts of the grass-roots people, which not only promoted the positive energy of society, but also sang the theme of the new era. There was a strong atmosphere at the event, which constantly set off a performance boom. The singer interacted with the masses affectionately on the spot, shook hands with the masses one by one, conveyed warmth, expressed true feelings, and won warm applause. Later, all the artists took out their own works of calligraphy, painting, paper cutting and so on, and gave them to the villagers, encouraging them to roll up their sleeves and work hard to get rid of poverty and become rich as soon as possible. However, this activity is sponsored by the Municipal Federation of literary and art circles, the District Federation of literary and art circles, the government of Xiashi Township and the government of wangjiahou Township, and undertaken by the district Musician Association, such as: high-voltage components on televisions and computers, shells, starting coils of motors, leaf District Calligrapher Association, district civilian literary and Art Association, and district Artist Association. Therefore, the activities are selected according to the maximum value, close to practice, close to life, close to the masses, and stimulate the determination of the broad masses of the people to get rid of poverty

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