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Literature Army: there are two major events in the aluminum industry in 2017, the effect of capacity reduction is obvious, and trade frictions are prominent

recently, the literature army, vice president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, attended and introduced the development of China's aluminum industry in 2017, pointing out that there are two major events in the aluminum industry in 2017: first, the effect of capacity reduction is obvious; Second, international trade frictions against China's aluminum industry have become increasingly prominent. This year, driven by the supply side structural reform, China's aluminum industry shut down more than 10million tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity, with unprecedented efforts, and the industry and enterprises paid high costs. He pointed out that this year, Russian aluminum, Alcoa and other overseas aluminum enterprises shared the results of the domestic aluminum industry to reduce production capacity, and the performance increase was significantly smaller. He reminded that the industry should pay attention to the side effects after the powerful drug - closing capacity disposal and investment losses, while paying attention to the reduction of aluminum production and the rise in prices caused by the de capacity

when the United States launched the most rigorous trade investigation against China, India and other surrounding countries also followed suit. This high-density and unconventional trade friction against China is characterized by politicization of economic issues and multilateralization of bilateral issues. In this regard, the literature army pointed out that China's aluminum industry has insufficient experience in dealing with trade friction, and the lack of talent reserves has become a severe challenge facing the industry. He pointed out that since June this year, China's exports of aluminum processing materials, such as lightweight structures in the automotive industry, building insulation and thermal energy management in the consumer electronics industry, have been in a serious situation. In July, August, September and October, domestic exports have shown a continuous downward trend month on month, which has the impact of foreign anti-dumping, There are also factors such as the downturn in the domestic construction market and the decline in consumption

the literature army pointed out that the domestic aluminum industry has stood at a relatively high starting point, and there is a good foundation for productivity layout and equipment level. Enterprises should concentrate on upgrading products that cannot exceed the maximum bearing capacity of key curve tester testing equipment, and strive to make a breakthrough in the R & D and manufacturing of aviation panels and automotive panels

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