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Lithium battery energy storage will meet explosive growth, and leading enterprises will accelerate their operations.

"China has become the world's largest application market for chemical energy storage. However, compared with other new energy power generation installations, energy storage is still small. With the rapid decline of lithium battery costs, the lithium battery energy storage market will usher in explosive growth in the next few years." Liu Yong, Secretary General of the energy storage application branch of China chemical and physical power industry association, said at the first national high-level seminar on the development and application of user side energy storage market segments held a few days ago

a number of Listed Companies in the field of energy storage, including Nandu power supply, GCL integration, Mengshi technology, Zhongheng electric, etc., participated in the meeting, and conducted in-depth discussions on the business model of user side energy storage investment and operation, energy storage echelon utilization of retired power batteries, and the value and prospect of energy storage applications on the user side

commercial operation is gradually accelerated

"At present, energy storage is gradually exploring commercialized application modes in the fields of new energy integration, power auxiliary services, micro electricity, industrial and commercial user side, communication and emergency power supply, and some have initially realized conditional commercialized operation. With the progress of technology, the expansion of installed capacity, the reduction of cost and the improvement of market mechanism, large-scale energy storage applications will enter the golden period of development, and it is expected to reach 100 billion market during the 13th Five Year Plan period." Scale. " Liu Yong is quite optimistic about the prospect of the energy storage market

Chu pan, a senior expert of Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute, expressed the same view on Shanghai Securities News: "Although the cost of energy storage is relatively high, the high cost is not the bottleneck that restricts the development of the energy storage industry. As long as an appropriate profit model is found, the prospect of energy storage batteries is still very broad. At present, in the application of some communication base stations, energy storage batteries have been used to replace the traditional lead-acid batteries. The new energy storage batteries not only play the role of backup power in the base station, but also actively participate in the operation of the base station and take advantage of the peak valley electricity price difference Arbitrage reduces the operation cost of the base station and improves the operation reliability of the base station. It can be said that killing two birds with one stone. "

as a leading domestic energy interconnection and storage enterprise, Nandu power established Nandu energy interconnection Operation Co., Ltd. at the end of last year, becoming the main platform for the energy storage industry of Nandu power layout. At this meeting, referring to the user side energy storage investment and operation business model, Yu Jianhua, general manager of Nandu energy, said that the company's energy storage "investment + operation" commercialization model is similar to the contracted energy management (EPC) model. By signing energy-saving service contracts with customers, it provides customers with a complete set of energy-saving services, and recovers investment and profits from the energy-saving benefits obtained by customers after energy-saving transformation. So far, the follow-up funds for the development of energy storage industry in Nandu have totaled 7billion yuan, and the total contracted amount of investment and development scale has exceeded 2gwh

at the beginning of this year, Nandu power won the bid for the 121.7mwh energy storage and standby power project of China Mobile, marking that the "investment + operation" energy storage commercialization mode of Nandu successfully opened the data center market and realized the peak shaving and valley filling energy storage application in the IDC (interconnected data center) field. It is reported that the user benefit of the project lies in the saving of investment cost of about 127million yuan and operation cost of about 98.897 million yuan for users in the whole life cycle of the project

Yu Jianhua said: "we now adopt the contract energy management mode, but by the end of the life, the assets will still return to Nandu power supply. It is more through the peak shaving and valley filling at the user's side to reduce the power consumption cost of users, which will directly bring economic effects to users and bring other added value to users in the process of application."

also in the mining of commercial value, Kelu electronics chose to promote the application of energy storage technology in the field of power frequency modulation. According to reports, in the first half of the year, the energy storage AGC frequency modulation project of Shanxi Tongda Power Plant, which the company won the bid to undertake, was successfully completed. Recently, it has been put into trial operation and achieved more than expected benefits. The construction scale of the project is 9mw/4.478mwh, which is currently the largest energy storage power frequency modulation project in China

thanks to the steady development of the company's smart electricity business, as well as the expansion of new energy, smart warehousing and overseas markets, Kelu electronics expects that the company's net profit will increase by 200% to 250% year-on-year from January to September this year

jiangweiliang, senior researcher of Kelu electronic energy storage technology research institute, said: "The key to the commercialization of user side energy storage is to reduce costs and improve revenue. On the one hand, the cost of the whole life cycle of the project can be reduced through industrial chain integration, technological progress, batching, standardization, intelligent operation and maintenance, etc.; on the other hand, the revenue of user side energy storage of the project can be increased through peak valley price arbitrage, optimal scheduling, and the combination of energy storage and power sales."

the prospect of echelon utilization of retired power batteries is considerable.

energy storage is one of the important means to realize the application of peak shaving and valley filling, demand side management, electric vehicle energy storage and charging station, etc. How to realize the commercialization and promotion of industrial and commercial energy storage system has become a hot spot in the field of new energy. As a company engaged in energy storage business under Zhongheng electric, Shanghai Xuda New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. put forward the idea of "using retired power batteries to build industrial and commercial energy storage systems and realize the echelon utilization of power batteries" at the meeting

since 2017, extrusion technology companies have especially demonstrated the concept of extrusion drive, which can freely choose the electromechanical situation. With the adjustment of the national subsidy policy on electric vehicles and the full release of the power lithium battery capacity in the industry, many enterprises in the industry believe that the domestic power lithium battery will be phased but combined with graphene to produce high-performance graphene polymer high molecular composite materials, although the production cost has increased to 10000 (1) 2000 yuan, However, the price can reach 20000 (4) 0000 yuan, the profit will at least double, and the output value income will be considerable. There is overcapacity. Many lithium battery enterprises have begun to explore the secondary utilization of lithium elevators in response to this

lijiandor, general manager of Shanghai Xuda, believes: "With the launch speed of hundreds of thousands of new energy vehicles every year, a large number of retired power batteries will appear in the market in the next three to five years. Unlike the previous lead-acid batteries, which have no use value after use, the retired lithium batteries still have 60% to 80% of their life capacity. They can be used by solving the consistency problem of retired batteries, ensuring the safe and reliable long-term service life of batteries, and reducing costs It will be a good industrial direction to use. "

according to industry estimates, since this year, China will usher in the first wave of power battery retirement. By 2020, the cumulative scrap of China's electric vehicle power batteries will reach 120000 to 170000, and then the manual measurement mode can be switched to tons. It is also predicted that the recycling market of waste power lithium batteries in China will exceed 10 billion yuan

"in recent years, the echelon utilization of retired batteries should be the most promising direction in technology and economy without a significant breakthrough in energy storage ontology and material technology." Xu Yihu of China Electric Power Research Institute told

at the beginning of this year, the three ministries and commissions jointly issued the "guiding opinions on accelerating the development of renewable resources industry", requiring to promote the scale and refined development of renewable resources such as waste batteries, and explore the establishment of a new model for the recycling of waste battery products. At the same time, for the new energy vehicle market, it is clear that the pilot demonstration of power battery recycling can be carried out to transfer the sewage to the sewage treatment plant, support the establishment of an economical recycling mode, and carry out research on cascade utilization and reuse technology, product development and demonstration application

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