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Be cautious when drinking beer packaged in hard plastic bottles

at present, there have been malt beer series of unknown brands in the market, and 2. The sensor classification of tensile testing machine. Well known beer enterprises such as snowflake, Tianmu Lake, Qingdao, etc. have never launched similar products. After the spring, the beer market in Jiangsu Province has become quite active due to the emergence of many new products, and some hard plastic bottles of beer have also begun to appear. Experts remind consumers to be cautious when drinking hard plastic bottles of beer. Relevant experts told that although the specific use method of the real pet plastic wear-resistant testing machine bottle packaged beer has appeared in a few developed countries, the technical requirements are very high. Qualified PET plastic beer bottles abroad are designed with three layers and made of food grade plastic, which have good freshness, oxygen barrier and pressure bearing capacity. However, ordinary hard plastic bottle beer packaging only adopts single-layer design. Due to the large molecular structure gap of plastic material, it is easy to oxidize and deteriorate the product after canned beer. Even the qualified PET plastic beer abroad has a shelf life of only 100 days, which is far lower than the half year shelf life requirement of glass beer. Therefore, the use of plastic bottles by domestic large and medium-sized beer production enterprises is still in the wait-and-see and experimental stage

it is reported that the import price of plastic composite flexible packaging products that meet the requirements is about 5 yuan/piece. If the price of hard plastic bottle beer purchased by consumers is lower than this, its quality will be in doubt. Experts pointed out that hard plastic bottles of beer have two major defects, one is drinking safety, the other is environmental protection problems. Hard plastic bottles contain polyethylene, polypropylene and other components. Because the production and canning of beer need to be treated with high temperature and high pressure, ethylene will slowly dissolve, otherwise the operation of the fixture may exceed the limit of travel, cause damage to the equipment and release harmful substances. The safety of hard plastic beer is in urgent need of inspection and demonstration by domestic functional departments. Secondly, hard plastic bottles of beer will produce many sequelae of environmental pollution. Experts remind consumers to be cautious about choosing and drinking hard plastic bottles of beer

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