Before developing the hottest plastic products, we

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Before the development of plastic products, we should first consider the problem of post consumption treatment

in the face of the lesson of one blood after another, parents have remembered a lot, and more and more people are considering pollution and governance issues. In the past, regardless of the three seven twenty-one, economic growth is the first, FRP bridge deck is the core. Now the times have changed, and most people have raised the problem of human living environment to the front, Before production, post consumption treatment should be considered

the growth of population, the acceleration of urbanization, the elimination of the influence of the lead screw smell gap on the experimental results, and the change of people's lifestyle have caused more and more serious environmental problems. The massive use of disposable plastic products not only consumes a lot of oil resources, but also brings pressure to the earth's environment and urban plastic waste treatment

in China, the word "white pollution" has become a household name, which causes environmental pollution to disposable plastic products. Longitudinal displacement test stroke: 0 ⑴ 00mm; A synonym for dyeing. To this end, all sectors of society, government departments and enterprises have paid attention to this problem. Experts in the industry have also offered advice and are working hard to eliminate the environmental pollution caused by plastics

since the 1970s, plastics and environment have been the concerns of the industry. We will make progress because it is related to the sustainable development of the industry. Plastics and environmental problems include a series of problems, such as the treatment of post consumption plastics in municipal solid waste, the pollution of plastic agricultural film to farmland, the recycling and reuse of waste plastics, the foaming agent of foamed plastics, the heavy metals in plastic additives, the toxicity of raw materials and so on

among them, the more intuitive and more concerned hot spot is the treatment of post consumer plastics in municipal solid waste. The environmental pollution caused by a large number of disposable packaging products, such as plastic bags, tableware, etc., especially disposable polystyrene foam lunch boxes, has not only aroused widespread concern in society, but also led to the fate of banning their use by the end of 2000

this incident correctly conveys a message: the development of the plastic industry must consider environmental issues, that is, when developing a plastic product, we should consider its post consumption treatment. At present, disposable plastic packaging products are being developed and studied from two aspects: the use of degradable plastics and recycling

recently, due to the increasing number of discarded household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, computers, copiers, electronic game machines, etc.) plastic building materials and cars, foreign countries pay more and more attention to the treatment of plastic waste, and are developing various treatment methods. China's plastic industry should also seriously consider it as soon as possible and strive for the initiative

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