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"High, big and top" has become the first choice for prospective users in the heavy truck market

"high, big and top" has become the first choice for prospective users in the heavy truck market

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I. the economy continues to decline in 2015, which has become the "new normal"

due to the particularity of Chinese heavy trucks, the heavy truck market is known as the "barometer" of China's economy, the "weathervane" of macro policies and the "thermometer" of people's lives. Heavy trucks are both means of production and labor tools (money making machines), and are closely related to the "new normal" of the national economic situation

in 2014 and January this year, the overall heavy trucks fell by -3.89% and continued to plummet by -21.63%, indicating that the national economy is still recovering. According to the national consumer price index (CPI) and the factory price index of industrial production (PPI) in January, which were officially released a few days ago, CPI and PPI both hit new lows for more than five years, and PPI fell year-on-year for 35 consecutive months. The data shows that the overall economy is moving from structural deflation in industrial areas to full-scale deflation. The market is increasing the risk of deflation, and deflation in the industrial sector is no longer in suspense, but various signs show that, The aggregate economy is sliding into a state of full deflation

the main threat of low inflation is to affect the debt ratio of enterprises. The decline in output prices can trigger cost cutting measures such as cutting employee wages, which may lead to a vicious circle of prices, foreign capital flight and small business owners going bankrupt

Last year, Mr. Wu Jinglian, China's most conscientious real economist, pointed out that China's total monetary volume was 15300 yuan in 1990 and 895600 yuan in 2011, which increased 58.53 times in 21 years, and the total monetary volume of the United States increased only 1.99 times in the same period. In this way, the excessive issuance of money has diluted the national wealth. "Under the pouring of the nest, an egg is finished"? This year, the development trend of the national economy will continue to be in the lower channel has emerged, which is, in any case, a huge message of advantages and disadvantages for the heavy truck market that depends on the economy

second, policies and regulations will continue to control the heavy truck market

the factors affecting the heavy truck market in 2015, in addition to the economic "new normal", policies and regulations are also obvious. In addition to the official implementation of the National IV emission standard on January 1, the continued acceleration of the elimination of yellow standard vehicles throughout the country will stimulate the sales of new heavy truck vehicles

the newly revised Measures for the administration of vehicle purchase tax collection by the State Administration of Taxation requires that the geometric cubic volume of concrete mixer trucks be rectified in accordance with the management requirements of the announcement of concrete mixer trucks before July 1. These policies and regulations may temporarily play a certain role in the first half of 2015. After all, it used to be possible to buy a large volume mixer, but in the future, it will be necessary to use two

this year, the elimination and replacement of yellow standard vehicles, the standardization of geometric volume standards for concrete mixer vehicles, and the first implementation of national V in first tier cities are all opportunities in the heavy truck market this year, which will slightly stimulate the sales of trucks. However, it is expected that its effect will be limited by the person in charge of innovation in Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific region and the person in charge of polymer R & D center, which will not have a strong stimulating effect

III. real estate, national/local infrastructure and heavy trucks are closely related

as heavy trucks have certain regional characteristics in both products and markets, the rigid demand for infrastructure construction investment projects across the country will also drive the growth of heavy truck market. For example, the acceleration of the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the continued opening-up and reform of the old industrial zone in Northeast China, the western development, the "the Belt and Road" and other national investment projects will undoubtedly play a strong stimulating role in the increment of the heavy truck market. However, the effect remains to be seen

at the same time, although the international oil price is still falling, the domestic oil price has begun to rebound strongly. In addition to the absurdly high "fuel tax" and the rising gas market price, the gap between oil price and natural gas price is not narrowing, but constantly increasing. In addition, the cost of purchasing gas heavy trucks is high, and the advantage of relative gas price is being lost

due to the lack of gas filling at highway gas stations across the country and other reasons, it is expected that gas heavy trucks will not be welcomed by prospective users in the future. However, from the perspective of environmental protection, new energy heavy trucks, including natural gas, must be a development trend in the future, including a full range of dump trucks, tractors and trucks

in addition, due to the frequent wars in traditional heavy truck exporting countries and the increasingly serious automobile protectionism in various countries, the export situation of heavy trucks in 2015 may continue to develop and change in line with the inertia of the export decline in 2014, and the situation is not optimistic. To sum up, the prospects of consumption, investment and export, the three major engines of national economic development, are unclear. Therefore, it can also be expected that the market trend of heavy trucks in 2015 will be more confusing

IV. "high, big and top" has become the first choice for heavy truck prospective users.

at present, almost all heavy truck drivers are after 70, 80 and 90, and are becoming younger and younger. Compared with the old heavy truck drivers in the past, they have a higher level of education. They are experts in checking logistics information and consulting relevant truck product comparison information, policies and regulations. Compared with traditional drivers who have set up branches and joint ventures in more than 20 cities in China, they pay more attention to timeliness, pay more attention to the use cost of vehicles and calculate economic accounts, and are becoming more and more mature. So they are more willing to buy cost-effective and value-added "money making machines" when choosing or replacing vehicles

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