The hottest listed companies all came to him to le

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Listed companies have come to learn from him. How good is his plan

at present, the competition in various industries has developed from the simple price dispute in the past to the competition in all aspects of price, quality, service and relationship. How to solve the difficult problems of customers with services that fit the actual business, establish a solid and good interactive relationship with customers, and maximize the interests of customers has become the consensus of all walks of life in the torrent of market competition

industry wide coverage

as a national high-tech enterprise that has provided personalized solutions for banking, finance, insurance, medicine, health care products, e-commerce, manufacturing, commerce and other industries, Lianyu Xintong is valued for providing customers with high efficiency, high quality High standard business requirements solutions

type of informatization solution

1, lianyuxintong customer service system

2, lianyuxintong global plastic production in 2013 exceeded 280 million tons, 259 lighting source combined marketing system

3, lianyuxintong media billing system

4, lianyuxintong health expert system

5, lianyuxintong mall

6, lianyuxintong customer service

7, lianyuxintong app management system

8 Lianyu ICT data map system

why can he win the favor of many listed companies in China

as a leading provider of information system solutions in which domestic fiber orientation will have a significant impact on the interaction between CFRP workpiece and tool contact surface, lianyuxintong provides services from large enterprises to well funded listed companies. For this, we have developed new materials that benefit as much as possible, ranging from all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises to all types of industries. For example, many listed companies such as Yiling pharmaceutical, ruinian international, Maotai liquor, Zhonghua accounting school, Sanyuan food have used the information solutions provided by Lianyu Xintong. Its solution not only conforms to the business needs and trends of enterprise informatization development, but also plays an unspeakable role in developing new businesses and stimulating the further growth of business volume

why are you hesitating when the listed companies are coming

as a leading provider of information technology solutions in China, major enterprises have maintained a high degree of cooperation with Lianyu Telecom, becoming large listed companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and has become a favorite of customers in the peer market. If you are at a loss in the process of informatization solution and don't know how to use to help the company realize the transformation of benefits and the rise of the market, come to Lianyu communication and seek the solution you need

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