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On December 19-20, 2017, following the Hangzhou yunqi global cloud computing summit held on October 11, 2017, the Beijing Summit of the 2017 yunqi conference arrived at the National Convention Center as scheduled. As the top level summit of global cloud computing, it brings together the strongest brain in the DT era, depicts the development trend and blueprint of cloud computing, and presents a panoramic view of the technological ecology of the booming development of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. Zhu Yijun, deputy general manager of Alibaba cloud cooperative ecosystem business department, and Yinshi, senior vice president of Beijing Huasheng Tiancheng member enterprise Huasheng Ruiying, and other entrepreneurs jointly discussed how Alibaba cloud can mobilize ecological forces and lead industry partners into the cloud expressway? What resources, strategies and cooperation cases are there in the ecosystem? Strongly reveal how traditional manufacturing and new forces can cooperate with the world's top cloud computing ecosystem

Yin Shi, senior vice president of Huasheng Ruiying, as a special guest, shared with you the in-depth cooperation between Huasheng Ruiying and Alibaba cloud, as well as the application cases of Huasheng Ruiying + Alibaba cloud hyper x manufacturing hybrid cloud solutions and deformation or aging (cracks) phenomena

president Yin mentioned that at present, our cooperation with Alibaba cloud is mainly in four parts: first, the joint expansion of hybrid cloud (hyper x) of large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises; second, Alibaba cloud's highest level authorized service center helps Alibaba cloud promote public cloud products; third, Alibaba cloud's first-class agent of urban service providers helps Alibaba cloud expand in depth, Fourth, as a public cloud operation and maintenance service provider of Alibaba cloud service system, it provides operation and maintenance services for Alibaba cloud small and medium-sized customers. Therefore, the cooperation between Huasheng Ruiying and Alibaba cloud ecosystem is not a point, but all-round and strategic

the following are the highlights of President Yin's introduction to hyper X:

hyper x is an enterprise level hybrid cloud service solution that integrates technology + service + business, which is summarized by Huasheng Ruiying based on years of experience in serving large and medium-sized manufacturing customers, to help traditional manufacturing enterprise customers realize cloud. Hyper stands for the extreme (extreme customization and service), and X means integration (technology + service + business)

Alibaba cloud + Huasheng Ruiying hyper x manufacturing hybrid cloud

hyper x is mainly divided into three layers, namely, service layer, tool platform layer and resource layer. Relying on its years of service experience in large and medium-sized enterprises, Huasheng Ruiying mainly provides service level consulting + migration + operation and maintenance services. Alibaba cloud mainly provides the resource layer, including hosting private cloud + public cloud resources, etc. The tool platform layer mainly uses the hyper fusion enterprise level multi cloud operation and maintenance management platform independently developed by Huasheng Ruiying

hyper X has the following characteristics:

powerbank hyper X -- solve the cost pressure of enterprises

highly customized -- solve the complex system architecture and old-fashioned problems

professional 7x246 flat hourly operation and maintenance -- solve the worries of CIOs

unified cloud management platform -- solve the unified management of heterogeneous and multi cloud environments

two typical practice scenarios of Huasheng Ruiying + Alibaba cloud hyper X in manufacturing customers, One is the hyper x case of the world's top 500 high-end electrical manufacturers in China, and the name of the association has not changed the factory since its establishment in 1967. The other is the practical case of the production and manufacturing of new energy vehicles

finally, President Yin said that Huasheng Ruiying hopes to strengthen the deeper integration with Alibaba cloud ecosystem, and use our in-depth understanding of enterprise IT services and Alibaba cloud's advantages in technology, solutions and resources to jointly serve local manufacturing enterprises and grow together with Alibaba cloud ecosystem

about Huasheng Tiancheng

Beijing Huasheng Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huasheng Tiancheng) is a leader in China's it integrated services and a multinational IT service group with service networks covering Greater China, Southeast Asia, North America and Eastern Europe. It has two main board listed companies: Huasheng Tiancheng (Shanghai Stock Exchange listed company: 600410) and Hong Kong ASL company (Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed company: 00771); Three companies listed on the new third board: landlo (new third board: 834505), Herun Technology (new third board: 837746), woqu Technology (new third board: 839849). Headquartered in Beijing, the group has subsidiaries and R & D centers in the United States, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, with more than 6000 employees and more than 20 holding or participating companies

the business direction of Huasheng Tiancheng involves cloud computing, current big data, mobile Internet, IOT, information security and other fields. Its business fields cover a variety of IT service businesses such as it product services, application software development, system integration and value-added distribution. It is the first company in China to propose it service product. Based on the customer-oriented business philosophy and the win-win cooperation development strategy, founded in the Greater China market, huashengtian aims to improve the core IT capabilities of enterprise and government customers. With excellent solutions, a deep understanding of customer business and an efficient and intensive service delivery network throughout Greater China and some Southeast Asian regions, it provides customers with one-stop services throughout the whole life cycle of its IT construction. The company has a large number of successful cases in telecommunications, postal services, finance, government, tourism, education, manufacturing, energy, transportation, military and other fields

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