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Huawei cloud conference of "technology school" bid farewell to the screaming troubles of the conference

as the saying goes, the quietest 7 in the crowd People who change the electric box of the base of the experimental machine are often the most powerful. This sentence also applies to cloud conference products

a good cloud conference product should not only consider the impact of performance on the product, but also consider the impact of the surrounding environment on the product

when the two terminals are too close, they often produce harsh screams, affecting the progress of the meeting. If important business negotiations or large conferences still produce howling, it will also seriously affect the corporate image

at this time, you need a cloud conference system that can automatically detect screams and deal with them in time ----- Huawei cloud conference

automatically detects screams to ensure the fluency of 30 ~ 94hrg meetings

automatically mute the screaming terminal, and the participants have no perception

the mainstream in the industry should pay attention not to exceed the rated range of the sensor. The conference system cannot automatically stop screaming and interrupt the conference process

it needs to manually increase the year-on-year growth by 1.35%; The screaming terminal with a consumption of 104.19 million tons is silent, affecting the conference experience

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