Huawei and Telefonica sign 5g strategic cooperatio

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Huawei and Telefonica signed a 5g strategic cooperation Mou

Huawei and Telefonica (Telefonica), the world's leading multinational operator, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 5g strategic cooperation at the 2015 Telefonica Huawei wireless Strategy Summit in Hong Kong, jointly defining the needs of the fifth generation mobile network (5g)

based on the Mou agreement that plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China, the two companies will jointly carry out the evaluation of 5g network environment and the research of network architecture to meet the application requirements of 5g network for normal ultra-high rate and ultra-low delay. The joint activities will include key air interface technology research, performance evaluation and prototype verification

telefonica group CTO Enrique Blanco (left) and Huawei wireless product line president Wang Tao (right) signed Mou

Telefonica group CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Enrique Blanco said: we are very happy that Telefonica and Huawei cooperate in the 5g field. 5g has an important impact on the telecommunications industry and the whole society. Telefonica has now begun to study 5g network. 5g non-7.1.1 product inspection is independent of factory inspection and type inspection, which is not achieved overnight

Wang Tao, President of Huawei wireless product line, said: Telefonica has a very deep understanding and forward-looking insight into the value market; Huawei is committed to innovation and investment in 5g key technologies to provide future technical support for the value market. The strategic cooperation between Huawei and Telefonica on 5g will play a vital role in building a better company, building a number of major projects such as Meixin and Tianli in Central China, and achieving the goal of connecting the world

since Huawei launched 5g research in 2009, Huawei has been in a leading position in the world in defining and promoting 5g. At present, major breakthroughs have been made in the innovative research in the fields of 5g full spectrum access, new air interface technology and end-to-end network architecture, and rich laboratory testing experience has been accumulated, with strong fast outfield verification capability. In terms of external global cooperation, through 5g strategic cooperation with China Mobile, Vodafone in Europe, Deutsche Telekom, NTT DoCoMo in Japan, LG u+, KT and other top operators in the industry, Huawei has joined forces with many partners in the industrial camp to build a 5g ecosystem and jointly promote the development of the 5g industry. Based on Huawei's continuous innovation and investment in the past few years, especially the breakthrough achievements of 5g new air interface key technologies, Huawei won the industry's first 5g award 5g most outstanding contribution award at the 5g global summit in June this year

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