Huawei has a big idea on how to make cities smarte

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Huawei has a big idea on how to make cities smarter

what is a smart city

is the integrated government service of reporting and approving every second provided by Shenzhen

is the nbiot water meter and other digital systems installed for the elderly in Shanghai

is a one-stop service with a 99.8% satisfaction rate of the people in Zhangjiagang City

with the development of the times, our city will be smart everywhere

the special series of ICT new vision | digital government will be launched soon

take you into the smart city and meet the future

from a forward-looking perspective, interpret the smart city

how will the government carry out digital transformation in the new era? city "We choose covestro as the company's new name. What is the future of technology and the logic of new infrastructure construction? What enlightenment does the post epidemic era bring to smart city construction? What is the new smart city concept and smart city construction methodology?

Guo Ping, chairman in office of Huawei, Wang Yimin, director of the e-government research center of the National Academy of administration and deputy director of the national e-government expert committee, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and former Tongji University Wu Zhiqiang, vice president of the school, and Shan Zhiguang, director of the informatization and Industrial Development Department of the national information center and director of the smart city development research center, will bring in-depth thinking

the core of the success of smart cities is people-oriented. 1. Chinese LCD. Only by giving citizens, enterprises and city managers a sense of gain, happiness and security can smart cities gain universal support and ultimately succeed

how to build a smart city with a sense of gain, happiness and security? Please pay attention to the vision column of "ICT new horizons | digital government special" magazine to learn more

special report, analysis of urban agents

urban agents are born due to technology and change with the times. How can enterprises embrace change, accelerate the construction of a new digital world and create new urban values

Peng Zhongyang, director of Huawei and President of BG, and Lu Yong, senior vice president of Huawei and President of China regional division, will bring wonderful interpretations. People's articles will also detail the vivid practice of digital boosting high-quality development

2. For the digital transformation of cities, we suggest that we should start from the 1234 dimension: first, adhere to the people-oriented one center, and effectively improve citizens' sense of happiness, security and gain; Second, it is necessary to create the two systems of seamless integration and operation of the flexible production line and platform system of Anjiang, so as to ensure the safety bottom line and sustainability of urban digital development; Third, we should pay attention to three elements, aim at the scene, build a platform, aggregate ecology, and scientifically promote application innovation; Fourth, we should realize the fundamental transformation of integration from four aspects: ideology, mechanism, method and mode

PENG Zhongyang, director of Huawei and President of enterprise BG

how to build urban intelligence and grasp the opportunity of urban digital transformation? Please pay attention to the special report column of "ICT New Horizons digital government special" magazine for more information

focus converges, and smart cities are fully covered.

in the first year of the 14th five year plan, smart city construction has entered a new journey. Under the guidance of the new concept and new architecture of urban agents, Huawei focuses on the capacity-building of the city's full scene intelligence, full element aggregation and full life cycle operation, aiming to help the city continue to write a new chapter of digital transformation

create full scene intelligence

in digital and intelligent innovation, Huawei pays attention to full scene coverage and full process linkage, rather than isolated applications that advance by individual soldiers. In addition to responding to the needs of urban governance, industrial upgrading, convenient services and other scenarios, scenario based solutions such as one screen unified view, one unified management, one unified operation, scientific and technological water control, smart travel, emergency response, smart taxation strive to achieve a comprehensive, multi integration and high-quality fusion effect

realize the aggregation of all factors

the construction of smart city should have a systematic concept, and plan the layout of the city and ICT technology as a whole. A smart city cannot have only one brain. It is necessary to build an intelligent collaborative system with eyes, brain, hands and veins, and integrate digital technologies such as connectivity, cloud, computing, big data, and intelligent terminals to realize four levels of functional collaboration, including intelligent interaction, intelligent connectivity, intelligent hub, and intelligent applications

provide full cycle operation management

the smart city in the future is an operation body. We must establish the awareness of full cycle operation management, and shift from focusing on construction rather than operation to focusing on long-term operation, so as to continuously stimulate the vitality of the city. Huawei will help the city draw the top-level design blueprint for digital transformation, layout the operation support service system, integrate and innovate, activate the value of smart city data elements, and continue to create blood for the smart city to make it run smoothly and live forever

how to build a smart city with all-round development? Please pay attention to the focus column of "ICT new horizons | digital government special" magazine to learn more

success story, entering the smart city

the innovative development of science and technology is expediting the continuous evolution and development of the city, and the progress of new technology is also driving the further upgrading of the city and bringing about deep social changes. Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xuchang, Suzhou and Dongguan, which are smart cities facing the future, are taking great strides in the forefront, bringing key enlightenment to urban construction

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