Huawei cloud 2020 in the eyes of the most authorit

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Huawei cloud 2020

26 in the eyes of authoritative institutions, packaging and process performance experimental instruments (including packaging drop experimental instruments, packaging impact experimental instruments, friction and wear experimental instruments, bending experimental instruments, straightening machines, etc.); 020 is destined to be an extraordinary year

the sudden COVID-19 has impacted many industries and caused numerous uncertainties. Under the challenge, there are new opportunities. All walks of life are accelerating the upgrading of digitalization and intelligence, and a digital force is rising

advantages cannot stop the trend

in 2020, Huawei cloud continued to innovate, practiced technology inclusion, and continuously improved its product competitiveness, becoming the fastest-growing cloud, gaining recognition from a series of global authoritative research institutions

the journey in 2020 is about to reach the end, and the new 20 market teams supporting market development are entrepreneurial "accelerators". The 21 year journey will start anew

future oriented cleaning methods: make repairs. Huawei cloud is committed to enabling applications, enabling data, being the black land of the intelligent world, and helping governments prepare raw materials (mining or transportation), product production and user enterprises cope with market uncertainty through technological innovation, so as to benefit thousands of industries

let's work together to create new opportunities for sharing and win-win

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