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To make applications more secure, Huawei cloud application Trust Center ATC officially launched the public beta

traditional security protection is built based on network boundaries, but with the rise of cloud computing and mobile Internet, the traditional network boundaries are gradually blurred, and the defense concept based on network boundaries is difficult to meet the needs of the cloud environment. The concept of zero trust, never trust, and forever verification should arise, that is, to build an access control system based on identity rather than network location

Huawei cloud is based on the concept of zero trust and relies on the cloud's native security capabilities to innovate key technologies such as network stealth and adaptive risk control. In security operation and maintenance and remote, this discovery is due to her extensive practice in many scenarios such as using less than one component access in a research project, and launched the Huawei cloud application Trust Center (ATC) service, Help enterprises resist external attacks and prevent internal illegal operations

atc service is a security service built around user applications. By building a panoramic topology of application security threats, it realizes fine-grained access control and meets customers' needs for zero trust access control capabilities

atc service core advantages

① network stealth

atc realizes cross VPC communication transmission through VPC terminal nodes, customer business does not need to be exposed to the public, the service host cannot be effectively scanned by public nmap and other tools, and the services provided must be successfully accessed after login authentication and zero trust access control, greatly reducing the attack surface

② dynamic authentication of abnormal identity

atc judges access requests from multiple dimensions such as identity, equipment, time, place and behavior, provides interception, release, two factor challenge and other capabilities, continuously monitors suspicious requests, constructs reliable and accurate dynamic access strategies, and ensures access compliance

③ dynamic response to attack behavior

a according to a report by Ducker, an American market research organization, TC integrates the native protection capabilities such as enterprise host security and web application firewall. Based on Huawei cloud security big data analysis platform, it intelligently analyzes a variety of data tags, attack alarms, and access logs, providing dynamic response support for the strategy center, and improving the response speed and accuracy of security events

④ visible risk mapping

atc clearly shows the application asset topology and security risk distribution for customers from the application dimension, so that customers can clearly grasp the security situation of the business

multiple scenarios covering zero trust access

remote access of branches and partners

with the expansion of enterprise scale, more and more branches (business halls, subsidiaries, stores) and partners (agents, supply chain) need to access the company's internal business system at any time. On the one hand, the internal business system needs to be opened to the outside world, and the exposed business system has security risks. On the other hand, more accounts and permissions need to be added, and the access equipment is difficult to be controlled uniformly

atc can publicly hide the business, greatly reduce the attack surface, and continuously verify personnel, equipment and behavior to ensure certification compliance

access to key businesses of enterprises such as government, enterprise and finance

key businesses in industries such as government, enterprise, finance and logistics have higher requirements for security protection, such as operation and maintenance businesses with high permissions, businesses that need to frequently access sensitive data, etc. the protection ability based on static configuration is difficult to meet the needs of customers, and it is necessary to have the ability to conduct dynamic defense based on current business risks

atc will conduct continuous and fine-grained risk assessment on all entities accessing enterprise application assets, build an access control system based on identity rather than network location, and use big data analysis capabilities to accurately identify and timely block internal and external illegal operations

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Huawei cloud application Trust Center Service ATC

has opened a free public test, and the quota is limited

scan the QR code below, and immediately apply for

Huawei cloud security

inherit Huawei's security accumulation for more than 20 years, and the original iceberg security system and sharing model built by Huawei cloud, Provide customers with credible, minimalist and Intelligent Cloud Security platforms and services, serving customers in Huawei process and it, consumer cloud, government and enterprise, e-commerce, finance, Internet and other industries

[excellent ability] 20+ independently developed cloud security services and 200+ partner security [drive system] are driven by the imported all digital exchange servo control system to help customers build three-dimensional cloud security protection, from protecting cloud workload, protecting application services, protecting data assets, managing security situation to helping compliance to the cloud

[Global Compliance] it has obtained 80 + security compliance certifications worldwide, such as PCI 3DS, tisax, ISO 27799, iso/iec 27701, SOC 2 type2, etc., to meet global customer business compliance and privacy protection requirements

[industry sharing] participate in and lead the development of 10+ cloud security related standards, output 20+ security white papers, and share Huawei's excellent practical experience in security with industry and customers

[security assurance] professional security operation team, 7 * 24-hour security assurance system, defense against attacks against cloud platforms, realize 99.99% automatic response to security events, and make enterprises safe in the cloud

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