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Huawei and Huanghe information industry signed a cooperation agreement to promote the development of digital economy in Henan

[Zhengzhou, China, July 28, 2020] today, during the 2020 innovation data infrastructure summit in Zhengzhou, Huawei and Huanghe technology group information impact testing machine signed a cooperation agreement based on the principle of the law of conservation of Energy Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huanghe information industry), The two sides will cooperate in Huawei holosens machine vision related products and solutions, and work together to create competitive holographic perception and edge cloud collaborative data infrastructure solutions to help the development of Henan digital economy

the cooperation agreement was signed by Duan Aiguo, President of Huawei's machine vision field, Zheng Wenqing, executive director of Huanghe information industry, Huang Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of Henan provincial Party committee and executive vice governor of Henan Province, Zhao Wenfeng, member of the Standing Committee of Xuchang municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor of Xuchang municipal government, Lu Jianming, executive general manager of Huanghe information industry, Wang Tao, executive director of Huawei's product investment review committee, and Zhou Yuefeng, President of Huawei's data storage and machine vision product line, Yang Xilin, general manager of Huawei Henan, witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreement

the signing of this cooperation agreement means the further expansion and deepening of the cooperation between Huawei and Huanghe information industry. Huawei will help Huanghe information industry expand its production line, develop more diversified partners, leverage more opportunities in transportation, parks, finance, education and other fields, and help Henan build a benchmark local brand

Huawei has signed a cooperation agreement with Huanghe Technology Group Information Industry Development Co., Ltd.

machine vision is the entrance of all things' perception and the eye of the intelligent world. The software defined camera and Huawei hope mall solution provided by Huawei, like the intelligence widely used now, can meet the needs of AI to go deep into thousands of industries

the cooperation between Huawei and Huanghe Information Technology Co., Ltd. on holosens products and solutions not only solves the problems that traditional cameras cannot flexibly load algorithms and cannot meet the various needs of thousands of industries, but also the pollution caused by the plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. At the same time, it matches the current trend of intelligent video perception and promotes industrial upgrading. The two sides work together to create a perception entrance for all things in the intelligent world and make greater contributions to the creep deformation measurement system of Henan data electronic high temperature creep endurance testing machine: infrastructure construction

Huawei is a leading ICT technology provider in the world. Huanghe information industry is a digital economy high-tech company with manufacturing capacity. The two sides can complement each other in products and solutions, give full play to their advantages, and bring more and better products and services to customers

in the development of digital economy, data infrastructure will play a key supporting role. Machine vision is a very important part of data infrastructure. In the fields of life, entertainment, communication, production, security and so on, 65% of the industry's digital information comes from video. The massive video data produced by machine vision drives the demand for massive storage and data processing and analysis. Data infrastructure provides data collection Storage to the management and optimization of the whole life cycle of video data processing, releasing the value of massive video data interface features that can be set by software

in May this year, Huawei launched several new products such as holosens machine vision ecocamera, 5g camera, ultra-high density intelligent video storage platform, and released a variety of scene based solutions, including holographic intersection, high-speed cloud connection, smart water conservancy, smart point, General Education Union, smart power, smart oil field, smart manufacturing, smart Park, holographic community

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