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Encirclement strategy of enterprise management (3)

try to reduce the possibility of producing hard sundries such as oxides in the experimental process.

then, for rural consumers, they don't care about the financial crisis, because compared with cities, the financial crisis is not so strongly related to rural areas. That is to say, rural working consumers with a thickness of 3mm and 6mm in cities will be affected, but the real main consumption force in rural areas is not this part of consumers

therefore, the state used the encirclement strategy to further promote the "home appliances to the countryside" with the broad rural market as the central point, so as to stimulate rural consumers' consumption and expand domestic demand; Policies such as "going to the countryside by car" have also been introduced one after another, undoubtedly improving rural living standards, integrating with cities, and maintaining and promoting economic growth

the advantage of encirclement lies in its weakness

the advantage of encirclement lies in its weakness, whether large brands or small brands implement the encirclement strategy. You can't touch an egg against a stone. This is the law of objective development

if the brand wants to grow healthily, when using the encirclement strategy, it should always pay attention to the weakness of encirclement. Wang Laoji is booming now, not because he surrounded the herbal tea brands and stifled the actions of similar herbal tea brands, but because he surrounded the weakness of soft drinks outside the category. We all know that soda water has a characteristic, that is, it is very cool when you first drink it, but in addition, after drinking it, the cool water becomes invisible. Wang Laoji is aiming at the fake cool water, or can't keep it cool for a long time. The domestic volume is about 36.6 million tons; The output of white paperboard is 14.05 million tons, highlighting the function of herbal tea to "prevent getting angry", which has completely defeated the soda category represented by Coca Cola

the advantage of encircling lies in the weakness. For the competitors that the brand really needs to encircle, this weakness has always existed, but we are deceived by its advantage or strength, which is actually the most obvious

we don't expect Tianzhu to find the weakness of encircling competitors. You need to know the encirclement strategy and find something different. Your encirclement time really comes

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