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Changsha News (correspondent chenhaiyan) "when people are young, they must be inspirational; only when they can stand the wind and rain can they grow insight..." in the afternoon of July 20, China railway construction heavy industry group showed through an actual demonstration that the battery system can be used as a TV, a computer One electric fan and 10 60W lighting bulbs are powered at the same time (see Figure 3). The first "ethics lecture" with the theme of "" opened with the song "President Xi's message" in the group's academic lecture hall. Professor Liu Jianwu, President of Hunan Academy of Social Sciences and Secretary of the leading Party group, was invited to give a special lecture on "three stricts and three realities", on "Mao Zedong's ideal pursuit and personality strength". Liufeixiang, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd., and the more emerging new composite materials such as carbon fiber led by the group company at home are also driving the growth of all composite materials. Nearly 300 people from the Group organs, Changsha Park and new college students shared the "feast" of moral culture

the first ethics lecture hall of China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd. will be conducted according to seven links: singing songs, watching videos, learning models, sending good luck, being kind, listening to lectures, and reciting classics. It will tell the story of long bin and TBM after-sales service team, and interpret the "" consciousness. During the activity, innovative elements were continuously injected, and video clips were shot to tell the growth story of long bin in a more vivid and intuitive way. After broadcasting, the response was strong. In addition, during the "story telling" segment, the first domestic T3 was interviewed in-depth New record: create a new record of BM operation, which tells what you see and feel at the construction site, which is very infectious, and deeply interprets the spirit of enterprise employees' courage to take responsibility and silent dedication. In the "sending auspicious" link, chairman Liu Feixiang presented long bin and his team with calligraphy works of "diligence and responsibility". In the "giving kindness" link, the representatives of new college students issued a youth inspirational declaration, showing the energetic passion of the new forces and their lofty ideals

during the event, liufeixiang, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China railway construction heavy industry group, made an important speech, discussing the topic of "harmony and morality" in the ethics lecture hall. He said that enterprises must always recognize, be fearless, have the courage to undertake and be willing to undertake in order to lead the development of the industry in this era of opportunities and challenges; Every cadre and employee should establish a correct outlook on life and values. At the same time, he put forward several requirements on how to carry out the ethics lecture: first, we should attach great importance to it and fully understand the significance of this activity; Second, we should adhere to principles and fully mobilize the active participation of cadres and workers; Third, we should carefully organize and let the advanced deeds of moral models take root in the hearts of workers

"CRCC heavy industry 'ethics lecture' has a novel form of activity, which is close to the reality of the enterprise and enters the brain and heart." Liu Jianwu, President of Hunan Academy of Social Sciences, a special guest, commented. Finally, Professor Liu talked about "Mao Zedong's pursuit of ideals and the power of personality", which shocked and baptized everyone's hearts. Everyone expressed that they should take the noble demeanor of great men as a benchmark, learn from great men, and turn the requirements of "three stricts and three realms" into the action force of entrepreneurship

it is reported that CRCC heavy industry will continue to carry out the "ethics lecture" activity next, and carefully build the "ethics lecture" into a new "business card" of corporate culture. By telling the advanced typical deeds around, leading enterprises to learn from advanced figures, inheriting traditional excellent culture, cultivating enterprise spirit and the spirit of the times, constantly improving the awareness and civilized quality of cadres and workers, creating a strong atmosphere of morality, sentiment, civilization and innovation in enterprises, and providing a strong spiritual impetus for accelerating the development of enterprises and building respected enterprises

this is also the important intention of our friction and wear experimental machine to hold this seminar

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