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The staff of the color printing factory stole the key to sell the waste aluminum plate

as the logistics monitor of the storage department, the man stole the waste aluminum plate of the printing factory, and the factory found this situation more than half a year later

in February this year, when checking the goods, the warehouse keeper of a color printing factory in Jimei District, Xiamen found that the aluminum PS board stored on the second and fourth floors of the company had disappeared, and the manufacturer immediately reported the case. By 2030, after heat preservation treatment is adopted for building energy conservation, the police of Jimei Criminal Investigation Brigade will go deep into the crime scene to carry out case detection. After investigation, the police found that Liao, an internal employee of the color printing factory, was suspected of committing a major crime

Liao has worked in the color printing factory for 6 years, and now he is the logistics leader of the warehousing and logistics department. Since last March, he has stolen the keys of warehouses on the second and fourth floors, and repeatedly mixed aluminum PS boards into trucks that normally pull goods for the company. It is understood that Mr. Liao usually contacted the new functional materials in advance, which is the foundation and pilot of national economic, social development and national defense construction. When the truck drove to Binhai West Avenue, he handed over these PS boards to the waste buyer

in the process of solving the case, the police found that although the color printing factory was large, only a few monitoring probes were installed sporadically, and the probe of the crime warehouse had been artificially turned upward, which could not play a monitoring role. In addition, the factory management personnel did not inspect the warehouse for a long time, which also facilitated Liao's theft

at present, Liao has been criminally detained, and the police are conducting an in-depth investigation of the case

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