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Beijing printing and packaging industry air pollutant emission standards will be formulated

this year, the haze is becoming more and more serious, and the prevention and control of air pollution has become one of the priorities of environmental protection. The state and local governments have begun to take measures to prevent and control air pollution. In 2014, Beijing will propose air pollutant emission standards for the printing and packaging industry

recently, the 2014 work measures of the Beijing annual clean air action plan were released, with 84 broken down tasks, each of which was assigned to a specific organizer, and the completion time was set, with stable and reliable performance. It is proposed that in 2014, Beijing will study and formulate the emission standards of seven major volatile organic compounds from the boiler, packaging and printing, furniture manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, automobile repair, chemical industry, industrial coating industry, and study and formulate the limit standards of volatile organic compounds content in building coatings

among them, Beijing's air quality this year should reach the standard. From the perspective of the process of air pollution control, it will rely more on major emission reduction projects and emission reduction measures in key industries. It should take the annual average concentration of PM2.5 reaching 85 micrograms/cubic meter as the overall scale, and various emission reduction projects and measures as the benchmark and driving force, so as to change the balance of air quality in a good direction. The expected improvement goal of Beijing's air quality in 2014 is that the average annual concentration of PM2.5 in the city will decrease by about 5% year-on-year. In 2014, Beijing continued to promote the industrial adjustment, production process and equipment withdrawal of rubber shock absorption equipment with good performance that did not meet the functional positioning of the capital. We will focus on adjusting industries with heavy air pollution, such as casting, asphalt waterproof coiled materials, sintered bricks and tiles, chemical industry, furniture manufacturing, etc. when the interval between the two chucks changes, we will adjust and withdraw 500 polluting enterprises in total annually. Among them, 300 polluting enterprises withdrew in 2014

regional and industrial approval restrictions shall be implemented for regions and industries that have not completed the task of reducing atmospheric pollutants. Except for livelihood projects, projects that discharge major atmospheric pollutants shall not be approved

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