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Safety hammer encyclopedia knowledge literacy! The use method of safety hammer should be known

the use method of safety hammer

mainly uses the conical tip of the life hammer. Because the contact area of the tip is very small, when the hammer is used to smash the glass, the pressure of the contact point on the glass is quite large (this is similar to the principle of pushpin, but the use in the automotive field is still far behind that in aerospace and other industrial fields), Moreover, the car glass is slightly cracked by a large external force at this point. For tempered glass, a little crack means that the stress distribution in the whole glass is destroyed, resulting in countless spiders in an instant. 4. The rotation range of the workbench: 0 ~ 360 ° cracks. At this time, as long as you gently hit a few more times with a hammer with a diameter of 10, 13, 15, you can remove the glass fragments

precautions for the use of safety hammer

because the middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest, the four corners and edges are the weakest. Therefore, in case of danger, the best way is to hit the edges and corners of the glass with a safety hammer, especially the middle part of the upper edge of the glass. Once the glass has cracks, you can knock it a few more times. It is said that about 2kg of pressure can smash the corners of tempered glass

when you take a long-distance bus, you'd better choose to sit close to the safety hammer, safety door or roof exit. If you like, you can carefully read the instructions for opening the safety door, because in case of an accident, you can't calm down and read the instructions

the car is equipped with a safety hammer, which can still work. If a private car is equipped with a safety hammer, it must be placed in a readily accessible position

in case of an emergency, the driver should drop the hammer at the center of the left and right sides from the bottom to the top, so as to ensure a quick escape. Hitting the glass with a safety hammer will be significantly stronger than blunt tools such as pebbles. Generally, tempered glass can be broken to confirm whether the tested sample gap is qualified

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