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Energy efficiency publicity of large public buildings has been promoted nationwide since the second half of the year

in building energy conservation, building glass doors and windows is a very weak and often overlooked important link applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials, but it is also a place with great potential in building energy conservation. At present, steel windows and aluminum windows equipped with ordinary transparent glass are widely used in many old buildings in China. Even in recent years, ordinary transparent glass is still widely used in new buildings, especially in doors and windows of civil residences

in the long summer in southern China, the sunshine is sufficient, and the temperature is often above 30 ℃. During the day, most of the outdoor solar thermal radiation enters the room through glass doors and windows, raising the room temperature. It is necessary to increase the cooling load to offset the heat. At night, most of the indoor cooling energy is lost through glass doors and windows, which greatly increases the energy consumption, which is the direct reason for the high energy consumption of buildings. One of the effective solutions is to adopt new energy-saving glass doors and windows to minimize the transmittance of solar radiation

people may notice that the glass used in architectural doors and windows in China is undergoing a development process from ordinary white glass - darker color heat absorbing glass (commonly known as brown glass) - light green heat absorbing glass and coated glass - light green hollow glass. The ram truck of Fiat Chrysler launched the built-in plastic storage box. The light green glass is cheap and has a certain heat insulation effect. It is being widely used in ordinary residential doors and windows, and the hollow glass is gradually used in new high-end luxury residential doors and windows because of its good sound insulation and heat insulation performance. However, its expensive particle can be used as the transportation carrier of podophyll (anti-cancer drug). The price also restricts the popularization and promotion. Moreover, the above-mentioned glasses also have one of the most fatal weaknesses of ordinary glass, that is, they are fragile, that is, the safety performance of glass is low

how can buildings take effective, economic and convenient methods to solve the heat insulation and energy saving of building glass doors and windows and improve their safety performance

multifunctional glass film is a high-tech energy-saving product that can effectively control solar thermal radiation and increase glass strength. It belongs to a new type of energy-saving building materials

this kind of film is a kind of functional glass film with both light transmission and high heat insulation, which is made of special polyester film as the substrate, coated with various high reflectivity metal or metal oxide coatings by magnetron sputtering and other methods in the middle of the polyester film, and then pressed by a special process composite layer. It can transform the cheap ordinary transparent flat glass into safety and heat insulation glass with multiple colors and functions

for example, it can be directly coated on ordinary transparent glass to become like coated glass to form safety heat insulation glass with multiple colors and functions. For example, the ordinary transparent glass can be directly coated with a film and turned into a heat-insulating glass like film glass. I believe everyone will worry about the after-sales problems in the later stage. The ordinary transparent glass can be turned into a safety heat-insulating glass with both heat insulation and safety explosion-proof effects. Colored or colorless transparent safety film can also be pasted on the curtain wall glass, so that the coating layer of coated glass is not easy to oxidize, fade and fall off, and its ability to resist wind pressure and acid-base corrosion is increased

according to the test, 12mm ordinary glass is pasted with two layers of safety bulletproof film, which can prevent the shooting of 79 micro submachine gun without penetration and splash, which shows its reliable impact resistance. The safety glass made of ordinary glass with safety film has reliable safety performance, low price and can greatly reduce the weight of the glass. The explosion-proof glass made of special safety film pasted on the ordinary glass with a certain thickness can effectively resist the shock wave generated by the explosion when encountering the explosion, reduce the direct injury and the injury caused by the splashing of glass fragments, and also reduce the repair cost of the facilities affected by the explosion and the facilities near the explosion center

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