How long will the three hottest trees play the spa

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How long will the "space card" of the three trees be played?

how long will the "space card" of the three trees be played?

October 30, 2008

[China paint information] 2008 was an eventful year. For many Chinese enterprises, the effect of event marketing was also a few joys and a few sorrows, including Wang Shi's words causing trouble and Wang Laoji's "letter" becoming famous. When there are more things to guide the public's attention, event marketing will naturally rise

why did three trees play the "space card"

why did three trees paint enjoy the space program? 2008 was an eventful year, and sankeshu, who has always been good at event marketing, should have made a difference. However, sankeshu donated 1million yuan to Wenchuan disaster area, ranking in the forefront of the coating industry, but it did not spread as much as other enterprises and was surprisingly low-key; During the Beijing Olympic Games, which attracted worldwide attention, sankeshu formed an "exclusive strategic partner in the designated industry" with the "platform voice of the research center" column of the Central People's broadcasting station during the Olympic Games. The communication strength is not consistent with the strength of the enterprise. In fact, sankeshu did not make much moves

the three trees did not really move until Shenqi was launched. In fact, it is the established work of three trees to spread the event of God seven

the aerospace love of three trees stems from a strategic vision of the enterprise. In 2007, three brands belong to the tree defined by each manufacturer. Hongjie, chairman of the board, was selected as the "economic man of the year in Fujian". At the award ceremony held by Fujian TV station, Hongjie wrote six words on the spot, "God seven, God paint". What is "God paint"? Space paint! The author had the honor to read the latest version of sankeshu's corporate culture book "Tao follows nature", in which the keyword "space paint" appeared. From some clues, we can see that sankeshu has great ambitions

sankeshu has always said "health", and is now the leading brand of health paint in China. Health positioning is undoubtedly correct, but the concept of health is too vague to be vividly deduced, and there is no unified standard. We often say that third rate enterprises sell products, second rate enterprises make brands, and first-rate enterprises set standards. Sankeshu is committed to aerospace experiments. In fact, its ultimate goal is to develop more environmentally friendly space coatings, and finally set a high industry standard for health coatings by playing the aerospace brand, and improve the brand threshold and technical threshold of health coatings. In essence, the space brand of sankeshu is also a purposeful behavior in product layout

how three trees play the space card

mark Weiner clearly pointed out in his book the power of public relations: a guide to high return marketing communication in the new media era that public relations is actually the highest input-output ratio of all advertising means. The effect of event public relations is much better than that of ordinary advertising

in the new media era, the extreme surplus of adjacent pure information every year makes the audience more and more disgusted with the continuous flow of advertising information. In the Internet age, people have more and more initiative in the uptake of information. How to increase acceptance? If you want to know more about the details of the experimental machine, it is very important for people to accept the information

in the Shenqi marketing war, sankeshu vigorously carried out integrated communication. It has successively used CCTV, CNR, hundreds of stations, hundreds of print media, and countless outdoor media resources of dealers all over the country to form a three-dimensional communication. Let different audiences, on different occasions and in different ways, receive the information of space carrying and space experiments of three trees, so that as many audiences as possible can form an accurate and clear understanding of the high-precision technology, ultra-high standards and health characteristics of three trees

resources are scarce and the audience is picky. How to maximize the communication effect is an extremely serious problem. Sankeshu has made full use of the Shenqi event and integrated marketing communication, which has greatly improved the popularity of sankeshu brand and, to a certain extent, the brand reputation

how long can the space card of the three trees be played?

generally speaking, the public pays much more attention to major events than to ordinary advertisements. Because of this attention, the public's behavior and consciousness tend to be consistent. From the perspective of advertising, major social events are more likely to attract public attention because they are not commercial in nature. No one wants to see advertisements, but in fact, people are more likely to accept natural event advertisements

in fact, from Shenzhou I to Shenzhou VII, Shenzhou series has been widely concerned by people all over the country because it contains strong national feelings. The attention of Shenzhou series has always been more than 400million people, and Shenzhou VII has been paid more attention because it launched China's first space walk. A major event that attracts so many attention from all over the country must be valuable. The question is whether the audience will have attention fatigue? Of course, there is a need to study new technologies when carrying three trees. It is undeniable that, for a single event, its impact is short-term after all, and the audience needs to accumulate from cognition to acceptance and then to loyalty for a product

the cost of space resources is high, and the technical difficulty coefficient of space test is very high. Sankeshu is so fond of the space program, continues to play the space card in a high profile, and integrates space resources. The essence is that sankeshu intends to improve technical barriers, establish new industry standards, take a high-end route, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. This is the usual practice of many highly successful international top enterprises

behind the prosperity of event marketing, three trees still have a lot to do. As for how long sankeshu can play the space card, at least in the foreseeable Shenba, Shenjiu and even Chang'e series, sankeshu will continue to play the space card

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