How many enterprises will be stirred up by the env

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How many enterprises will be stirred up by the environmental protection spot check starting in October

how many enterprises will be stirred up by the environmental protection spot check starting in October

Since the central environmental protection supervision group launched a nationwide inspection a few years ago, many enterprises have been ordered to shut down, rectify and impose fines, which may be caused by one size fits all, but more directly reflect the violation of the enterprise or its unreasonable layout. Today, we think that the environmental storm after this epidemic will slow down. In fact, instead of stopping, it is going on more rigorously. According to official channels, in the fourth quarter of this year, supervision is still a major event

▲ at the inspection site in Dingzhou City, Hebei Province

it is reported that in order to standardize the self-monitoring behavior of pollutant discharge units in the development and quality improvement of functional fiber materials and improve the quality of self-monitoring data, according to the three-year action plan for quality supervision and inspection of ecological environment monitoring (year) (hbmh [2018] No. 793), the Ministry of ecological environment organized to carry out the self-monitoring assistance and guidance of pollutant discharge units in 2020

the overall process is as follows

the schedule is as follows

inspection contents -

what are the special inspections for self-monitoring

formulation of self-monitoring scheme

pollutant discharge units shall formulate their own monitoring plans in accordance with the priority of the industry's self-monitoring technical guidelines, general provisions, pollutant discharge permit applications and the issuance of technical specifications

the self-monitoring plan shall include -

basic information of pollutant discharge units, monitoring points, monitoring frequency, monitoring indicators, implementation of emission standards and their limits, monitoring methods and instruments, quality control measures, schematic diagram of monitoring points, time limit for disclosure of monitoring results, etc. Focus on checking the integrity, rationality and operability of the monitoring plan

monitoring in accordance with the self-monitoring plan -

check whether the pollutant discharge unit carries out monitoring in accordance with the monitoring plan, and check the standardization of the whole monitoring process by consulting the original self-monitoring records, which include on-site sampling, sample transportation, preservation, handover, analysis and testing, monitoring reports, etc

automatic monitoring and inspection include -

standardization of station building construction and sewage outlet. In order to provide consumers with a green, environmental friendly and healthy automotive interior environment and continue to maintain the ultra-low emission of plastic and plastic, Jinhu Rili? In terms of leading position, equipment operation and maintenance records, formulation of operation management rules and regulations, etc., the waste water flowmeter should also pay attention to equipment verification, etc

submission of self-monitoring results -

whether the automatic monitoring facilities of pollutant discharge units have been connected and stably uploaded data; Whether manual monitoring data is entered through the "national pollution source monitoring information management and sharing platform" and other platforms, and whether the data entry is complete, consistent and timely

disclosure of self-monitoring information -

pollutant discharge units shall disclose self-monitoring information in a way that is easy for the public to know. The disclosure contents shall include: basic information of pollutant discharge units, self-monitoring scheme, self-monitoring results, reasons for not conducting monitoring, and annual report on pollution source monitoring

check the self-monitoring information published by pollutant discharge units on the "national pollutant discharge license management information platform" item by item according to the self-monitoring information files of pollutant discharge units. Check the authenticity, integrity and timeliness of information disclosure

inspection of environmental monitoring socialized service institutions -

if the environmental monitoring socialized service institutions are entrusted to carry out self-monitoring, the testing qualification, scope of competence, applicability of analysis methods, etc. of the socialized service institutions shall also be checked. If necessary, they can go to the laboratory for on-site inspection, including sample collection, transportation, storage, handover, analysis and testing, equipment use and maintenance records (verification, calibration, intermediate verification) Preservation of reagent consumables, laboratory environment, etc. and certificate holding of testing personnel

not surprisingly, the northern region has become the target of "key care" after the "golden nine silver ten". In fact, there is no difference in the intensity of supervision between the north and the south, only the time difference. For the provinces that are relatively close to Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi and Shandong pay more attention to the industrial emissions, which naturally increases. Therefore, none of the enterprises in these areas, whether coating manufacturers or application demand enterprises, will be spared from being placed under a more stringent control magnifying glass. They should have a reasonable layout and be able to withstand government supervision. Moreover, it should be noted that the Ministry of ecological environment pursues the principle of "random time and random objects", that is, it will not notify in advance and will visit with a high profile. To a certain extent, this has put a lot of pressure on the enterprise, because what the enterprise needs to do is not to make a temporary response to cooperate with the inspection of the superior departments, but to really continue to implement the environmental monitoring work and give a clear explanation to the government, the society and the people

at present, many enterprises engaged in non-aqueous coatings and businesses in the surrounding extended product supply chain are enjoying themselves. Some have both reserved environment-friendly products for inspection, and some are taking chances to see what happens when the market supervision comes over No matter what form of existence, it will no longer be sheltered by the "protective umbrella" that may be close to it. If the enterprises and businesses under investigation want to plead with each other for various reasons, they will only draw water with a bamboo basket and will not achieve good results

some people say, are you comfortable with water-based paint and won't touch the investigated ranks? I think the understanding of this statement is one-sided. When we look at things, we must analyze and interpret them comprehensively. For example, the products produced by the enterprise are environment-friendly, but if there is leakage or illegal discharge of waste gas and wastewater in the production process, the environmental damage caused by it will also be punished. Therefore, a series of supporting facilities for the whole process, including the front layout of workshops, equipment and other machines and instruments, as well as the management and control of various relevant links on the production line, must be specifically put in place

when visiting some leading enterprises, I heard that the national policy of this year has not been relaxed at all, and many manufacturers have not been able to withstand the "toss and turn". Finally, due to the qualification problems such as the usual mixed proportion of pollution discharge, the government functional departments have implemented the corresponding rectification measures. The phenomenon reflected behind this is - do not take chances, Enterprises are not big. For example, the combustion performance of GB8624 (2) 0006 version on october29,2012 requires that the residual length of flame retardant class C standard is ≥ 150 mm, small-scale and brand influence. Don't expect "someone above is easy to handle" and other careful thinking. After experiencing a large epidemic, the industry needs to restore confidence and mass production. While focusing on market sales, it can't neglect self-monitoring. Only when the enterprise grasps the elements of production safety and waste discharge, which are not seen by the outside world and represent the bright and bright products of the enterprise brand, and makes relevant work planning, can the front-line gallop of the enterprise be guaranteed

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