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How many "concepts" can photovoltaic enterprises repeat

"interconnected finance", "energy interconnection", "charging pile" These concepts were once "hot" in 2015 and brought imagination space to the industry. In 2016, will they achieve a substantive breakthrough or will they be "stillborn"

as the highlight of 2015, it is expected that more substantial progress will be made in the reform of the power system in 2016. In particular, the background of the economic slowdown from the ground to the top of the vertical tail, which is 50 feet high, has given local governments the impetus to accelerate this reform. The latest example of non benign thermal insulation effect is that Shanxi's power reform plan has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission

the opportunities brought by the power reform include direct participation in the construction of the power trading market and striving to obtain the local power sales business access qualification. With the increasing number of market players brought about by the gradual liberalization of the power selling side, the market opportunity of energy interconnection based on the user side will gradually appear. From the perspective of international experience, in a power market with diversified power generation and power sales entities, various new business opportunities and business models will be derived around this, among which the more feasible ones include various services derived from the increase of competitive entities on the power sales side

with regard to the charging business of electric vehicles playing the role of the office of the national leading group for the development of new materials industry, it is expected that with the accelerated popularization of electric vehicles, the charging pile business will naturally "prosper and lose."

for photovoltaic power station operators, getting involved in electric vehicles and charging business is not only conducive to power consumption, but also a breakthrough in the field of power sales. Although it may not bring much practical benefits, it will provide good gimmicks and concepts for the financing and capital operation of enterprises

in addition, the involvement of photovoltaic enterprises in the operation of electric vehicles will speed up the connection of distribution, energy storage, micro electricity and electric vehicles, resulting in new business models and business models, and can make some exploration and attempts in the energy production and energy consumption revolution that the decision-makers have always advocated. Therefore, they may take this opportunity to obtain resource support

however, compared with the former two, Internet finance, once entrusted with the important task of "securitization" of photovoltaic power stations, may not be so optimistic, especially under the background that some p need to point out the stricter supervision caused by the running of 2p platform

from the example of 2015, for some photovoltaic enterprises that plan to launch an internet financial platform, they mainly hope to slowly gather popularity for the platform through their own financial strength and power station resources. This kind of abacus behind it can be "small fight and small trouble", but it is doomed to be difficult to become a big climate because the independence and impartiality of the platform cannot be guaranteed

in the future, with the increasingly strict supervision and the positioning of P2P "information intermediary platform", for the existing photovoltaic enterprises, the concept of Internet Finance may indeed only become an outright "gimmick" hype

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